Wheel Chairs of Hope

Designing a better world with the revolutionary wheelchair

About Wheel Chairs of Hope

Wheelchair of Hope is a visionary initiative to develop wheelchairs for children in need of mobility to empower their education.

Ziv-Av volunteered its services for the community and designed a first-of-its-kind sturdy yet lightweight and cost-effective wheelchair for children.

Ziv-Av designs affordable and robust wheelchair

Without compromising the strength, Ziv-Av engineers designed a cost-effective and attractive wheelchair for children. Instead of using metal frames, the design used plastic materials, yet maintained the durability and toughness for harsh environments in underdeveloped countries.

The Wheelchair of Hope is a game-changer which enabled children with disabilities to gain independence and have access to education.

Ziv-Av engineers cost-effective alternative to the standard wheelchairs

Ziv-Av engineered wheelchair furnishes children with a design that follows World Health Organization’s guidelines. The wheelchair is elegant, child-size and lightweight making it easier for children to take control and move around. Along with this, the wheelchair can be adjusted to the growth of the child so he/she does not need a new chair every couple of years.

While standard wheelchairs are heavy, cumbersome as well as expensive, Ziv-Av designed this wheelchair to be lightweight––costing just $100.

Ziv-Av contributes to the company’s dream of helping children

Ziv-Av engineered wheelchairs can be folded and stacked efficiently for low-cost transportation from the factory to the customers. This allowed the Wheelchair of Hope organization to distribute the product to children around the world.

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