Ziv-Av designs game-changer 4-in-1 VL 3000 for Visionix

About Visionix
Visionix Wavefront Technology represents a revolution in optometry and eye care examination. The company specializes in ophthalmic lens and mold analysis, as well as instrumentation for ophthalmologists, optometrists, and opticians.
Visionix taps Ziv-Av to design device for measuring accurate lens data

Visionix chose Ziv-Av to design the VL 3000, a machine that would streamline measurement functions and help reduce costs and exam times. The design would have to work in four time-saving modes: automatic lensmeter, frame and lens analysis, UV transmission and refractive index measurement.

Ziv-Av engineers robust, user-friendly lens analyzer

Ziv-Av’s expert engineers designed the VL 3000 according to Visionix requirements and were able to solve the project’s toughest challenge: making a reliable optical table from metallic sheets while still maintaining stability.

The design also included a convenient push button that would give accurate, comprehensive pictures of corrective lenses within seconds.

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary solutions for Visionix included design, prototype production and preparation for mass-production – all in one house.

Ziv-Av working prototype for the VL 3000, helps improve Visionix business

Once the design was complete, Ziv-Av’s team created several prototypes to ensure the highest possible quality – an additional activity offered as part of Ziv-Av’s suite of services.

After testing for accuracy and efficiency, engineers made improvements and then prepared the VL 3000 for mass production.

Today, the VL 3000 offers graphical comparisons of lenses against worldwide standards and helps Visionix sustain competitive levels of efficiency and precision.

Ziv-Av stands as global leader in design solutions

With 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in the medical industry, Ziv-Av enables you to create a design and a perfect working prototype. We use an integrated process to create medical products that are designed compatible to ISO specifications which can be approved, produced and delivered to market in record time.

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