Ziv-Av designs Tri-logical’s BodyGuard ― Aircraft Damage Prevention System

About Tri-logical
Trilogical Technologies founded in 1994 is a leader in IoT mobile resource management solutions for more than 20 years. The company is a part of Ziv-Av and provides innovative solutions for mobile assets in aviation, railways, transportation, defense & security.
Ziv-Av designed a state-of-the-art solution for airport vehicles operators

GSE, ground support equipment, moving in the airport can unintentionally damage the external body of an aircraft made from composite materials, when they reach it for operation or maintenance.

Ziv-Av designed Trilogical’s BodyGuard, an aircraft damage prevention system, to comply with the IATA regulation of “No Touch Policy” that requires all GSE fleet to have such a system. While newer vehicles come with a built-in system, older ones have to look for a new solution.

Ziv-Av’s experts addressed the issue by designing the BodyGuard as a state-of-the-art GSE kit that can retrofit (GSE) working near the aircrafts, thus prolonging their life cycle and complying with regulations.

Ziv-Av designs Bodyguard for safety and efficiency

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineering experts designed the BodyGuard as an onboard combination of sensors and telemetry which coordinates a GSE’s approach to an aircraft, by controlling both the speed and stop procedures. The engineers were able to create a design incorporating safety as well as work efficiency by providing the operator with visual and audible alerts and disabling the GSE in the event of an incident.

Ziv-Av successfully designed the BodyGuard ― ensuring safety by providing a monitoring system that closely tracks and controls the GSE fleet and prevent damages

Ziv-Av’s excellent engineering reducing aircrafts downtime

Ziv-Av engineers played a key role in enhancing Trilogical capabilities and offered an exceptional solution for aircraft damage prevention system, conforming to IATA regulation. The BodyGuard provides a single, harmonized system for the entire fleet​ and reduces aircraft downtime due to ground damage​. The system incorporates real-time notifications and eliminates unreported incidents ― also facilitating incident analysis​.

Ziv-Av engineers and Trilogical capabilities were able to develop a technologically advanced and cost-effective solution to save $12 billion in annual damages created by ground equipment.

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