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About Tri-logical
Tri-Logical Technologies founded in 1994 is a leader in IoT mobile resource management solutions for more than 20 years. The company is a part of Ziv-Av and provides innovative solutions for mobile assets in aviation, railways, transportation, defense & security.
Trilogical provides a sophisticated solution for monitoring and managing of mobile assets

Trilogical offers airport operators with management services through an advanced technology monitoring solution, AMAS (Airport Mobile Asset Solution).

Trilogical’s AMAS solution offers ground-service-providers and airport-operators a tool to monitor and control the GSE fleet. With real-time location monitoring, and operator access-control, AMAS improves maintenance processes as well as manages workforce and equipment. As a highly flexible platform, it enables importing and sharing of information with all key IT systems in airport operations like FIS (flight information system), tasks and fleet management.

Trilogical provides safer environment through restricted area-geo fencing and accident debriefing

Tilogical’s AMAS solution offers optimized equipment-usage along with providing a safer environment for the workforce by restricted area geo-fencing. It controls operators’ activity in restricted areas on the map and creates safety alerts to notify, in real-time, about speeding, parking, exit, enter, etc. that improves workforce safety and helps in keeping regulations.

The solution allows you to monitor the operator’s all kinds of licenses i.e. airport, national and own licenses can be followed and when a license expires, you are notified of it as well as the operator is disabled from using the equipment through an automatic system.

The solution incorporates a sophisticated debriefing module which helps in building a clear picture for accident debriefing.

Trilogical achieved a safe and secure solution by real-time monitoring and controls of the GSE.

Trilogical provides operations’ planning and idling management

The Trilogical solution provides idling management by getting alerts on equipment and operators that exceed reasonable idling times.

The system provides streamlined operations through equipment-usage and availability reports to help balance the usage and reduce maintenance costs.

The system offers operations planning through improved allocation of the workforce, equipment and following the real-time progress. It also features SLA (service level agreements) management to manage progress of services in real-time and Improve situation awareness.

Allocate both equipment and personnel/teams to services according to pre-built SLA templates and rules. Built for a dynamic environment and provide tools to handle changes in real-time.

BodyGuard – Aircraft Damage Prevention System

The BodyGuard is an onboard combination of sensors and telemetry which coordinates GSE’s approach to the aircraft by controlling both the speed and stop procedures according to IATA AHM 913 standards. It provides the operator with visual and audible alerts and disables the GSE in the event of an incident.

BodyGuard is the only sensor and telemetry sys tem in the market that can be deployed on any GSE from any manufacturer, on every GSE type and on any model. It can be installed on all new equipment or retrofitted on all older units. With cutting-edge technologies, it is fully compliant with the newest standards of IATA and ISAGO.

Powering the system is a proprietary patent-pending ABC (Adaptive Brake Control) solution able to be fitted to any type of engine/power train. The ABC software algorithms simulate a driver’s braking actions to ensure optimal slow approach options in close proximity of an aircraft.

Trilogical pioneers mobile asset management solution

For over 20 years Trilogical has provided end-to-end solutions for control and monitoring of the mobile assets at airports. Trilogical solutions provide a powerful system to improve asset management, react to real-time situations and reduce costs by better understanding your operations.

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