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About Tel-o-Fun
Tel-o-Fun is Tel Aviv’s leading bicycle rental service from the private company FSM Ground Services. The company provides accessible and convenient 24/7 bicycle rental services through its easy-to-use stations across the city.
Tel-o-fun approaches Ziv-Av for improvement in bicycle lock design

Tel-o-Fun’s bicycle’s locks needed urgent failure analysis and improvement due to various technical issues and enhanced vandal-proofing, which were badly affecting the company’s services and reputation.

Tel-o-Fun approached Ziv-Av for this challenging job to diagnose the sources of these technical issues and provide the right solution within a very tight timeline.

Ziv-Av identifies and diagnoses multitude issues of Tel-o-Fun locking system and designs the improved solution

Ziv-Av performed critical analysis to investigate various technical faults of 4000 locking stations around the city and successfully identified the reasons for failures in a very tight schedule.

Among numerous multi-parallel problems identified by Ziv-Av, one was improper functioning of the RF card due to the damages caused by shocks. Ziv-Av designed a special partition and mount to absorb the shocks and eliminate the RF card malfunctions. With this solution alone, Ziv-Av was able to repair one thousand Tel-o-Fun locks in its workshop.

One more issue, among many others Ziv-Av discovered, was the damage to the securing screws inside the locks as a result of vandalism. Ziv-Av’s new design solved the problem immediately, enabling full retrofit for the existing locks, while significantly improving strength and anti-vandal capabilities .

Ziv-Av successfully diagnosed the technical malfunctions of Tel-o-Fun’s 4,000 faulty bicycle locks around the city and designed a quick and improved solution.

Ziv-Av’s turnkey solution from diagnostic, design, production to retrofitting

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team was quick in providing their services for the turnkey solution and reduced the faults drastically. Our experts met this challenging task by visiting each lock-station for disassembling the locks, bringing them to the workshop, diagnosing the issues, designing the retrofit, manufacturing the parts, repairing the locks and assembling them back at the sites around the cities for all 4,000 locks.

Ziv-Av’s rapid design and manufacturing helped Tel-o-Fun to urgently resolve its multiple service failures within the limited time frame of just three months.

Ziv-av’s robust design decreased Tel-o-Fun’s number of technical faults drastically.

Ziv-Av’s rapid diagnostics, design and retrofitting saves Tel-o-Fun investment and wins new tenders

Ziv-Av’s failure-analysis, value added-design and retrofitting helped spearhead growth for Tel-o-Fun. Ziv-Av’s engineers isolated every problem of the locks and responded accordingly.

Thanks to Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary services, Tel-o-Fun participated and won the tender of operating the service in Jerusalem as well. Ziv-Av prepared the new design files in order to manufacture new locks for the new tender.

Ziv-Av’s versatile team isolated every specific problem, designed, produced and integrated the solution – helping Tel-o-Fun with its business endeavors.

Ziv-Av specializes in failure analysis and retrofit design

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