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About Taavura
Taavura is Israel’s largest road haulage and logistics company, renowned for creating innovative machines. A pioneer in efficient methods for hauling heavy objects, Taavura is currently expanding its overseas activities.

Ziv-Av, as a reliable solutions provider, has carried out a number of engineering designs for Taavura. Taavura trusts in the company’s value-added designs for various ongoing development procedures, a few of which are described hereunder.

Upgrading Israel’s heaviest trailer “THE GIANT” to take on heavy loads

Ziv-Av engineers designed a robust solution for this gigantic trailer. The trailer initially had the capacity to carry 250 ton.

With upgraded design by Ziv-Av, the trailer was able to carry 350 ton i.e. almost 50 % more weight carrying capacity – a feat that was never achieved in Israel.

Ziv-Av added an efficient automatic steering system for 100 rear-wheels – eliminating the need of an instructor with a megafone to pass-on directions to the driver.

Ziv-Av was able to upgrade the weight capacity along with providing effective automatic steering to ease driving this giant trailer.

Designing modular trailers with different neck and wheel system attachment to deliver unique cargos

Ziv-Av designed smart trailers with adjustable length and width to fulfill unique needs of cargo transportation. The robust design enables these trailers to keep the cargo very low, allowing them to pass under bridges.

Ziv-Av provided a design that is modular to allow connecting different necks and wheel-systems – adding up to 24 more wheels.

The trailers can vary from 8 to 14 meters in length, and 3.5 to 5 meters in width to fulfill varying cargo needs of up to 200 ton.

Ziv-Av designed the trailers to be extendable for accommodating heavier loads and longer lengths fulfilling Taavura’s unique needs.

Designing a unique solution for transporting 1000 ton heavy Haifa Crane

Given a long tradition of optimal design solutions, Ziv-Av was able to provide a unique design for transportation of the 5-storey tall, 1000 ton crane from the shipyard to the port.

Ziv-Av provided a design that would enable the transportation of the crane using four semi-trailers, each trailer carrying each corner of the crane.

With a very high center of mass and very heavy weight, it was an immense challenge to keep the crane stable during the transport. Ziv-Av carefully designed a joint steering mechanism of the wheel systems of all four trailers to drive them simultaneously.

Thanks to Ziv-Av’s professional expertise, Taavura conquered the challenge of smoothly transporting this huge crane .

Transforming the Perlini quarry trucks into water trucks

For their new challenge, Taavura wanted the conversion of the Perlini trucks which were originally used for carrying the quarries aggregates.

Ziv-Av as a one-stop solution provider, once again, provided the solution to this challenge. With their experience in design transformation, Ziv-Av converted the quarry trucks and successfully enabled them to carry water fulfilling Taavura’s needs.

Ziv-Av specializes in solving toughest industry challenges

With their 30 years experience, Ziv-Av applies a high-level planning to create designs, reduce production costs and deliver products for global companies. Ziv-Av has provided end-to-end solutions for various industries including automotive, heavy equipment and many more.

Our multidisciplinary engineers have all the skills needed to provide cutting-edge designs that offer maximum value at affordable prices.

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