Ziv-Av design fulfills unique need for Taavura

About Taavura

Taavura is Israel’s largest road haulage and logistics company, renowned for creating innovative machines. A pioneer in efficient methods for hauling heavy objects, Taavura is currently expanding its overseas activities.
Taavura calls on Ziv-Av to provide solution for Israel Railways

Israel Railways needed to transport their new carriages from Hamburg to Ashdod via sea. While loading/unloading services for the shipment would usually involve rolling the carriages onto the deck of the ship using rails, this time there was a new challenge: the carriages needed to be loaded into the hull of the ship.

Because this challenge would complicate operations significantly, Taavura was asked to provide a new loading and unloading system. And Taavura turned to Ziv-Av for help.

For a unique challenge, Ziv-Av provides a unique solution

Given their ongoing partnership with Ziv-Av and their trust in the company’s value-added designs, Taavura chose Ziv-Av engineers to create a specialized design that would lift the heavy railway carriages at both the exit and destination ports.

Ziv-Av develops tailor-made lifting arrangement for railway carriages

Ziv-Av engineers designed a lifting equipment that would hold an entire carriage securely during a crane-lift by using huge clamps. These lifting clamps were designed with a strong weight capacity so that the carriage could be safely secured and held in place when being loaded or unloaded onto a ship.

As an additional service, Ziv-Av’s versatile team supervised the manufacturing of the equipment elements in the shipyards. This helped ensure both the quality and the strength of the systems.

Ziv-Av created two lifting equipment for use in two different ports, providing an effective solution to Taavura’s unusual transport challenge.

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