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Ziv-Av designs Sunlight Medical device for bone-age assessment

About Sunlight Medical
With its “Sunlight” brand medical equipment, BeamMed is a leading provider that develops, manufactures and markets advanced ultrasound technology. The company also creates devices for the early detection, diagnosis and monitorization of complications surrounding bone age.
Ziv-Av designs cost-effective mechanical measurement device

Sunlight BonAge, a unique ultrasound-based sonometer, conducts optimal testing to assess bone age (skeletal maturity) without exposure to ionizing x-ray radiation. The device poses a key in helping to identify potential growth abnormalities in children.

BeamMed approached Ziv-Av to create a robust, cost-effective mechanical design for the BonAge device. Ziv-Av’s team of expert engineers provided Sunlight with a design that optimized performance and reduced the overall product cost.

Ziv-Av provides the design of mechanical and machine cover, speeds up time to market

Ziv-Av’s design ensured the accuracy of the BonAge device, enabling it to provide instant, easy-to-read results for earlier detection of bone issues. The design was also created to be entirely safe and radiation-free.

Additionally, Ziv-Av engineers were able to develop a low-cost design for the BonAge machine’s plastic cover. This meant Ziv-Av was truly a “one-stop shop” for all of BeamMed’s design needs, allowing for faster time to market.

Ziv-Av focused on an optimal design for the device that would reduce production cost – all while enhancing efficiency.

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With 30 years of experience and satisfied customers in the medical industry, Ziv-Av can launch products faster with higher market adoption. We use a human-centered, integrated process to create medical products that are designed compatible to specifications and then approved, produced and delivered to market.

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