Ziv-Av builds the future of industrial 3D printing for Stratasys

About Stratasys
Stratasys is a global leader in the 3D printing industry which produces ground-breaking products to empower global businesses. Stratasys sets the highest manufacturing standards to innovate, collaborate, invent and reinvent and is trusted by the world’s top businesses.
Ziv-Av designs breakthrough solution of Objet 1000 Plus

To solve unique customer challenges, Stratasys wants to further its innovation with a revolutionary product –the Objet 1000 Plus.

With their trust in Ziv-Av’s value added design, Stratasys keeps getting innovative and optimal designs from Ziv-Av. This time, again, the company approached Ziv-Av to make a design of Objet1000 that would create full-scale prototypes faster and with more precision.

Ziv-Av engineers design the ultimate 3D print solution

Ziv-Av’s innovative design solution enables designers to create large and complex prototypes in a short time with Objet 1000. Ziv-Av’s versatile engineers provided an all-inclusive design of the chassis, covers and XYZ stages of Objet 1000 to make a resilient, robust and high-quality 3D printer.

Ziv-Av’s design ensured that the Object 1000 will maximize your productivity and get a return on investment as quickly as possible.

Ziv-Av engineers the Objet 1000 prototype

Ziv-Av manufactured the prototype of this intricate machine, thanks to its experts. The prototype results ensured that Objet 1000 can combine up to 14 different materials in one part, including VeroClear, Rigur, and others.

Ziv-Av designs high-quality products …

For over 30 years, Ziv-Av engineers have been providing big companies with excellent product designs that enabled these companies to reduce product cost, simplify the product and the process and more.

Engineers of Ziv-Av are trusted by many industry-giants in the field of 3D printing including Stratasys, Bigrep, Massivit 3D and many more. Ziv-Av’s innovative engineers are always ready to design high-quality products for your company’s success too.

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