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Ziv-Av design solves wheelchairs technology’s “one-step” problem for StepUp

About Step Up

When StepUp’s founder witnessed his wheelchair-bound in-laws struggling to move up a single sidewalk step, he started thinking about a possible solution. He then addressed Ziv-Av to design a wheelchair add-on that would conquer this infamous “one-step” problem.
Ziv-Av helps StepUp build a better world

Ziv-Av provided an elegant, cost-effective add-on solution to the one-step challenge that did not involve building an entirely new wheelchair and would therefore -be affordable for StepUp and its customers.

Ziv-Av pioneered a concept and design that makes climbing up and down sidewalks safer for disabled persons. The design included a user-friendly, human-to-machine interface that would allow wheelchair-bound individuals to move up and down sidewalks easily and independently.

Ziv-Av engineers design for safe mobility at an affordable cost

Ziv-Av perfected its design so that it would operate smoothly and efficiently without causing any “shakiness” for those inside the chair. The safe add-on can extend and retract on command to lift and lower the wheelchair over any step/sidewalk. Additionally, the product includes several sensors to prevent a n unsafe lift; before the wheelchair is leveled and stable. Once the wheelchair lands safely back on the ground, the chair can begin operating normally.

The design also kept the wheelchair footprint small and did not increase the width or turning radius–critical parameters regarding wheelchairs design.

Ziv-Av engineers helped StepUp uncover hidden value by developing a compact add-on design that can allow wheelchair users to climb up and down steps.

Ziv- Av’s multidisciplinary services take companies from concept to prototype, and beyond

Ziv-Av engineers provided StepUp with a concept, a design, and a prototype–a comprehensive suite of services we’ve provided for many other satisfied clients. We use a human-centered, integrated process to create medical products that are thoughtfully designed to specifications and then approved, produced and delivered to market in record time.

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