Ziv-Av designs cost-efficient, mobile workstation for Stanley

About Stanley

Stanley is a global manufacturer of hand tools, power tools and other related accessories and developed some of the most recognizable products in the world. Stanley chose Ziv-Av to design yet another product – this time, a robust, cost-efficient workstation.

Ziv-Av engineers durable, low-cost workstation to fulfill Stanley’s needs

Stanley wanted to offer consumers a workstation that would be highly-efficient and easily maneuvered by a single person. The main challenge would be to keep the station cost-efficient despite its complexity.

The sturdy design workstation included a telescopic workbench that can easily turn into a carriage trolley. The workstation provided extra stability and was designed to fold in seconds.

Expert engineers at Ziv-Av were able to design a lightweight, mobile workstation that fulfilled all of Stanley’s requirements for a reliable product at an affordable cost.

Ziv-Av achieves strong construction, provides added value

Ziv-Av engineers conducted optimization analysis to make the mobile workstation as strong as possible while still using the minimum amount of raw materials keeping Stanley competitive.

Ziv-Av’s optimized design solution provided smooth maneuverability and cut global market costs significantly.

Ziv-Av creates innovative solutions for every industry

Ziv-Av is a global leader in optimal, cost-effective design. We have provided engineering services for many top companies in the consumer products, transportation, and automotive industries, as well as many more – consistently offering maximum durability at reduced cost.

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