Ziv-Av designs highly-affordable digital microscope for Scopio Labs

About Scopio

Scopio Labs is a startup that specializes in modern laboratory diagnostics and analysis devices. They are a pioneer of a breakthrough high-resolution, digital microscopy system which enables experts around the globe to perform more powerful analysis. They are committed to digitizing microscopy and bringing it into the modern age at a lower cost.
Scopio approaches Ziv-Av to come up with an economical microscopy solution

High-resolution images of digitized microscopic data require prohibitively expensive hardware, which most organizations cannot afford.

Scopio developed a concept of an affordable digital microscopy system that can capture several images in low resolution and then reconstruct them into the highest resolution scan ever seen.

To support their latest software of imaging technology, they chose Ziv-Av to create a sturdy yet very economical hardware.

Ziv-Av engineers top-notch design for the medical diagnostic product

Faced with the challenge of delivering a high-performance microscope with inexpensive design, Ziv-Av was able to develop robust, cost-effective digital hardware that consisted of low-cost yet reliable materials.

The digital microscope was carefully engineered to compensate for its simple, affordable materials, while still providing high precision.

The design achieved an easy to assemble, easy to use and easy to maintain solution.

Ziv-Av’s team also designed the internal mechanisms and packaging. The microscope would give the highest levels of precision with zero backlash, thanks to Ziv-Av’s mechanical design.

Ziv-Av designed the product according to the Value Engineering Low-Cost Target to ensure quality and cost-efficiency.

Ziv-Av produces smart prototypes, set up assembly lines and supplies serial production

After the design was completed, Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team produced a prototype that met all of Scopio’s requirements for size, cost-effectiveness and system stabilization. The design team analyzed the prototype and fine-tuned the design accordingly, ensuring the product would work perfectly.

As an extended service, Ziv-Av also set up a special assembly-line that would speed up time-to-market. This guaranteed fast and careful assembly of the microscope’s various parts including mechanics, optics, electronic cards and cables.

Ziv-Av’s engineers then took their work even further, delivering more value by assembling the first serial production batch.

Ziv-Av met all of Scopio’s requirements for a complete, multi-layered solution – from conceptual design to first serial production batch and beyond.

Ziv-Av provides serial production and makes Scopio highly competitive

With Ziv-Av’s help, Scopio’s digital microscope was so successful the company decided to produce it outright. After the first serial production batch’ Ziv-Av supplied the 2nd batch and is now in the process of supplying the 3rd.

Thanks to Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary design and production, the startup is now a major provider of affordable, high-resolution digital microscopes that add clinical and business value to labs, schools and medical centers across the globe.

Ziv-Av enables economical end-to-end solutions for the medical industry professionals

The experts on Ziv-Av’s versatile team bring diverse skills and perspectives to product development – from conceptual design to prototype production and serial production. Our engineers deliver top notch, highly cost-effective solutions and reduce time to market.

Certified to ISO13845 (QMS for Medical Devices Certification), we are focused on quality and we can fulfil the ever-stricter and highly accurate requirements within the Medical industry.

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