Ziv-Av designs innovative Covers for Scodix S Series

About Scodix
Scodix is the pioneer of digital-print-enhancement in the Graphic Arts Industry. It is a leading company in commercial print, web-to-print and publishing that separate its brand from the rest of the other companies. Scodix, the world’s first print enhancement system provides a superior solution for big printers in the packaging industry.
Ziv-Av’s cost-effective design for structure and covers of the plotter

Scodix needed especially large-sized covers for their new plotter which would also act as stepping pads for maintenance and serviceability.

The design needed covers that would open like doors, allowing the technician enter and check the machine’s malfunctions.

Ziv-Av engineered a sturdy and cost-effective design of the structure and covers of the Scodix plotter, that has become a global leader in digital printing solutions.

Ziv-Av design fulfills unique requirements of Scodix

Ziv-Av’s design of covers not only serves as external protection for the Scodix X series but also as a light barrier to stop light from passing through. This enhanced the machine’s safety

The design feature allows the covers to open like doors and allow the technicians to inspect the machine. Ziv-Av was able to use a sturdy and cost-effective material fulfilling all of Scodix requirements.

Thanks to Ziv-Av, the covers serve as protection, as a light barrier as well as allow easy serviceability of the machine.

Ziv-Av provides quality designs for breakthrough functionality

Ziv-Av has been providing companies like Kodak, BigRep, and Stratasys with reliable solutions for 30 years. Ziv-Av engineers use their exceptional skills to innovate, collaborate and invent, delivering globally competitive designs that solve some of engineering’s toughest challenges at reduced costs.

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