Ziv-Av upgrades Bucyrus-Erie’s excavator bucket design

About Rotem Amfert
Rotem Amfert Negev Ltd. operates as a fertilizer company. The Company produces potash, phosphoric acids, compound fertilizers, specialty chemicals, phosphate salts and rock, and feed additives. Rotem Amfert Negev serves customers worldwide.
About Bucyrus-Erie
Bucyrus-Erie is an American underground mining company founded in Bucyrus, Ohio in 1880 and is a world leader in developing walking dragline excavators. By 2010, the company was acquired by Caterpillar.
Ziv-Av provides a solution to a challenge faced by Rotem Amfert

Bucyrus-Erie’s large excavator, weighing almost 700 tons, is being used by Rotem Amfert for its mining operations. The excavator operates 24-hours a day like an independent factory and excavates 50 tons of Ore with each digging, while absorbing an impact of 100 tons each time.

Rotem Amfert faced a heavy setback in its digging operation when the excavator’s bucket was cracked. Due to the unavailability of a similar-sized bucket and the heavy cost of a new one, they were forced to replace it with a smaller bucket,─ ending with capacity reduction as well as prolonged operation time.

To solve this immense problem and regain the capacity of the excavator, Rotem Amfert approached Ziv-Av for failure analysis and re-design of the bucket, as well as retrofitting the excavator.

Ziv-Av’s re-design improves strength and prolongs the working life of the bucket

Ziv-Av’s engineers analyzed the failure, using high measurement techniques and then re-designed a robust bucket. Ziv-Av’s upgraded design eliminated the weak spots of the bucket as well as increased its strength by 300%.

Ziv-Av’s engineering experts achieved a 300% stronger bucket design that prolonged the bucket working life for many years to come.

Ziv-Av produces and retrofits the excavator

Going further with their extended services, Ziv-Av provided a turnkey solution by producing and retrofitting the excavator bucket with a five years warranty.

Thanks to Ziv-Av’s skills, the excavator is working efficiently with zero worries about the damages, replacement and operations’ derailment.

Ziv-Av’s upgraded solution has been in use since 2010 without a single failure.

Ziv-Av’s design and retrofitting protects your assets

Ziv-Av’s engineers are specialists in providing extraordinary solutions for upgrading and retrofitting heavy equipment to meet customer’s special requirements — all without depending on the original manufacturer.

Our designs are cost-effective and of the highest standards, while our multidisciplinary team solves operational problems with analysis, design, retrofitting and beyond.

Our retrofitting solutions improve your machines without committing a total replacement and save your investment on completely new products.

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