Israel Railways

Ziv-Av provides engineering solutions to various challenges of Israel Railways

About Israel Railways

Israel Railways is the only national railway company and operates 69 stations across the country. The fast-growing company has recently seen an 11% increase in passengers and made more than 2.7 billion NIS investments since 2017.
Israel Railway approaches Ziv-Av to fulfill their ongoing design needs

With a long tradition of providing design solutions, Ziv-Av advises Israel Railways on ongoing basis for various railway equipments.

A satisfied Ziv-Av partner with great trust in the company’s expertise, Israel Railway often calls on the technological company for reliable solutions.

Ziv-Av has planned, designed and provided solutions and working on more – just a few of those projects are presented hereunder:

Designing a smart EMD Engine Block Manipulator for a Safe and Better Service

Israel Railways requested a device to manipulate the engine block during inspections & maintenance procedures.

Ziv-Av Manipulator enables handling of several EMD Blocks, 12 to 16 cylinders, that weigh up to 12 tons, in a safe and controlled manner.

The Manipulator rotates and secures the block in any desired position, allowing the mechanics carrying out all kinds of maintenance. The New Manipulator is also equipped with an automated Crack Shaft Positioning Sub-System for Accurate Pistons and Valves timing calibration process.

Designing specific tool-storage cabinets for locomotives

Israel Railways requested a solution for an on board repairing tool kit, that would serve the locomotive driver, in case of any shutting down malfunction or any other emergency that has to be handled on the way. The Tool-Kit will be secured on-board as an integrated kit on different locomotive models.

Ziv-Av designed these cabinets to contain all kinds of tools necessary for assembling/disassembling mechanical, electrical and plumbing and many other devices inside the locomotives.
Ziv-Av designs a hydraulic press for dismantling heavy springs

To ease out the Israel Railways’ maintenance needs, Ziv-Av provided a design solution for disassembling the springs held under-pressure.

Ziv-Av designed a press having 40 ton capacity which smoothly takes out the springs without overstressing them.

Ziv-Av designed a durable machine to efficiently disassemble springs for their maintenance – hence saving effort and avoiding any structural damage.

Designing a working platform for Israel Railways

Ziv-Av designed a working platform which allows maintenance people to work on carriages of Israel Railways. This platform creates an elevated working surface on the side of the locomotive and makes it easy to work safely.

Ziv-Av designed the work platform like a sturdy ladder which is easy to transport – hence making it portable for working on different locomotives.

Ziv-Av specializes in solving toughest industry challenges

With their 30 years’ experience, Ziv-Av has provided end-to-end solutions for various industries including the railways, automotive, heavy equipment as well as many more.

Our multidisciplinary engineers have all the skills needed to provide cutting-edge designs that offer maximum value at affordable prices.

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