Ziv-Av contributes to the field of medical nanotechnology with the QX Capsule design

About QuantomiX
QuantomiX provides solutions for medical, research and industrial applications. QuantomiX technology dramatically reduces the preparation time needed for high-resolution imaging of wet samples in electron microscopes – making for faster, easier imaging overall procedure.
Ziv-Av improves QuantomiX QX Capsule design

QuantomiX’s QX Capsule is a first-of-its-kind nanotechnology imaging system for wet materials and biological samples. QuantomiX approached Ziv-Av with a prototype of the capsule for optimization and making it suitable for mass-production.

Following critical analysis of the prototype, the expert engineers at Ziv-Av improved the design, making it more cost-effective and preparing it for serial production. The new design reconfigured the plastic capsule with nickel-plating, enabling electron-microscopy-imaging with minimal sample prep, which saved users time.

Ziv-Av’s extended its services to develop production line for QX Capsule

In addition to upgrading the original QX Capsule design, Ziv-Av planned a production assembly line for the capsule that included test equipment for the product. The design was then optimized in order to facilitate the assembly of the capsule, a major added value for QuantomiX.

Ziv-Av engineers upgraded the QX Capsule design to make it more efficient in creating accurate nanoscale images of wet samples.

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