Ziv-Av brings Plasan armored vehicle design up to American standards

About Plasan
Plasan is a global leader in vehicle protection systems that make vehicle environments safer for consumers. The company specializes in defense and security vehicles and partners with leading industry brands to develop smart solutions in a cost-effective way.
Ziv-Av engineers a solution for converting a design from ISO to ANSI

An ongoing Ziv-Av’s customer, Plasan once again called on the engineering company to modify drawings and production files for an armored vehicle design.

Ziv-Av’s professional team set to work and swiftly converted Plasan’s European (ISO) standard production portfolio so that it met the requirements of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Ziv-Av’s facilitates American manufacturing for Plasan

The skilled engineers at Ziv-Av were so efficient, they modified Plasan’s armored vehicle production files in a span of just two months. It involved redesign in terms of dimensions and tolerances in order to keep the original design precision. This allowed Plasan to extend their market reach to the US in almost no time at all.

Ziv-Av’s reconfigured design helped Plasan supply their products in accordance with ANSI, enabling them to expand their market significantly 

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