Ziv-Av designs OptiDefense’ high precision laser-cannon to shoot drones

About OptiDefense

OptiDefense was established to produce laser cannons at a low cost-per-shot to bring down drones in a short-range. The OptiDefense laser-cannon can shoot down completely autonomous drones with pinpoint precision and high accuracy.
OptiDefense approaches Ziv-Av for the design of laser-canon

OptiDefense “Light Blade” is a laser-based defense system that is capable of destroying next-generation combat drones in a short-range.

OptiDefense developed the physics of the product and approached Ziv-Av to provide a complete design including a fully equipped platform that would support the laser and optical bench along with a pan and tilt mechanism to move the laser cannon.

Ziv-Av provides cost-effective design of the intricate laser-cannon

Ziv-Av’s engineering experts provided the design of the platform to hold the laser and mirrors as well as developed the mechanism for guiding the motion of the laser cannon. Ziv-Av’s design featured a mechanical system that would guide the cannon in 2 axes to accurately bring down drones in any direction.

Ziv-Av’s specialists achieved great precision for the laser path. Ziv-Av designed and built highly accurate mechanics, keeping the optic path from deviating even under severe conditions ─ accomplishing a perfect and inexpensive machine with low cost-per-shot.

Ziv-Av provided a multidisciplinary turnkey solution from designe to prototype production within a tight schedule of just five months

Ziv-Av’s superfast design for the innovative laser-cannon

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team worked in close collaboration to overcome all the challenges being faced by OptiDefense and provided an all-inclusive design. The design required extreme care for mounting optical elements and Ziv-Av’s expertise made it possible to achieve.

Ziv-Av proved its mettle in designing this sophisticated product with highly accurate temperature controls to avoid mirrors’ distortion as well as achieved a dust-tight system to avoid the dust penetration.

Ziv-Av produces a smart prototype for the OptiDefense

After achieving the design, Ziv-Av produced a prototype, meeting all of ‘OptiDefense’ requirements of sophisticated, accurate and cost-effective solution. Engineers used the prototype to fine-tune the design, ensuring the product would work perfectly.

With its versatile expertise, Ziv-Av met all of OptiDefense’s needs for a complete, multi-layered solution – from design to prototype production.

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