Notal Vision

Ziv-Av designs the mechanics of Notal Vision’s ForeseeHome

About Notal Vision
A pioneer in home diagnostics, Notal Vision is committed to enhancing eye care techniques through patient data. When the company wanted to use its patented technology to detect signs of advancing macular degeneration, it looked to Ziv-Av for an essential part of the design.
Ziv-Av helps ForeseeHome take early detection to the next level

Wet age-related macular degeneration (AMD) can cause permanent vision loss if it goes undetected. Notal Vision wanted a portable, home used device to monitor the progression of AMD consistently and help prevent advancement of the disease.

Notal Vision called on Ziv-Av for the ForeseeHome’s mechanical design.

Ziv-Av delivers intricate design for the ForeseeHome

Ziv-Av engineers were able to create a robust and reliable design of the device, integrating the mechanics, electronics and industrial design in one device..

Ziv-Av’s design supports the functions of the FDA-approved ForeseeHome device for early wet AMD detection.

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