Notal Vision

Ziv-Av designs cost-effective solution for Notal Vision

About Notal Vision
Notal Vision is the pioneer of home diagnostics that extends eye-disease-management from the clinic to the home. Notal Vision is advancing eye care by applying artificial intelligence (AI) -driven data interpretation of data generated by patients at home.

For their patient-operated Home Optical Coherence Tomography device (Home OCT), Notal Vision chose Ziv-Av to design the product and provide its first serial production batch.

Ziv-Av creates an efficient and cost-effective design

Ziv-Av’s experience in sustainable designs helped to achieve an accurate design which answers the product specifications.

Ziv-Av’s design featured a light-weight device with critical mechanisms to adjust the machine according to patients’ specific needs, for technician-free operation from the comfort of the home.

Ziv-Av provided an efficient design – resulting in volume reduction as well as cost reduction for the Home OCT.

Ziv-Av manufactures prototype and 1st batch of serial production

After the design was complete, Ziv-Av produced a functional prototype, meeting all of Notal Vision’s requirements. The prototype allowed Ziv-Av to check all the functions and to fine-tune the design, ensuring the product would work perfectly.

As an extended service, Ziv-Av printed some of the parts in a 3D printer to test the design before continuing to serial production.

Ziv-Av engineers successfully achieved a reliable design, prototype production and 1st batch of serial production – adding great value to Home OCT.

Ziv-Av enables economical end-to-end solutions for the medical industry

Ziv-Av’s versatile team brings diverse skills and perspectives to product development – from conceptual design to prototype production and serial production. Our engineers deliver top-notch, highly cost-effective solutions and reduce time to market.

ISO13845 (QMS for medical devices) certified, we are focused on quality and fulfill the ever-stricter and highly accurate requirements within the Medical industry.

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