Ziv-Av designs bus structure based on Mercedes Automotive System for Merkavim

About Merkavim
Merkavim, established in 1946 in Israel is now Israel’s leading bus manufacturer which develops advanced bus models for a diverse range of needs. Merkavim, now jointly owned by Meir Automobile Company, one of the largest automobile companies in Israel and by Volvo International, the world’s second largest bus manufacturer, now has an annual manufacturing potential of 1000 buses per year.
Ziv-Av to design a cost-effective structure for the buses

Merkavim an Israeli bus company needed a new design for a bus structure based on the automotive system of Mercedes City Bus 405.

Merkavim approached Ziv-Av to design a bus structure that would be highly cost-effective and feature the glued windows –a first in Israel.

Ziv-Av engineers a robust structure

Ziv-Av engineers designed a robust, cost-effective design, meeting all of the customer’s requirements.

While the automotive system used was of Mercedes 405, Ziv-Av designed all else including a glued-windows design –a new concept at the time in Israel – adding robustness to the structure.

Ziv-Av was able to provide a design which was twice as robust than the existing one.
Ziv-Av saves production costs for its Customer

With Ziv-Av’s cost-effective design, the number of parts and weight was reduced by half, while achieving twice as robust construction.

With glued windows, a much better sealing, a more elegant design was achieved, a feat that was one of a kind in Israel.

Ziv-Av’s design made it possible to reduce structural elements by 50% – saving production time and cost by 50%.

Ziv-Av specializes in solving tough industry challenges of its Customers

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