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Ziv-Av engineers a rodbender for the Mazor X™

About Mazor Robotics

Mazor Robotics is a leading company that pioneered a revolutionary robotic guidance system for spinal surgery. The company’s Mazor X Stealth Edition platform combines advanced software with robotic technology, navigation and instrumentation for precise guidance in surgical procedures. Mazor Robotics was bought by Medtronics.

Ziv-Av creates rodbender to help with spinal surgery

During spinal surgery, surgeons usually have to bend rod implants manually. Unfortunately, this process can complicate procedures and significantly increase operation time. Mazor Robotics chose Ziv-Av to engineer a product that would work alongside the Mazor X Stealth Edition and eliminate the need for manual rod-bending.

Ziv-Av delivered a sophisticated machine that can bend a rod according to a surgeon’s design as created by Mazor’s software, that is then transplanted into a patient’s body.

Ziv-Av design achieves smaller footprint

Ziv-Av’s portable rodbender can bend stainless steel or titanium rods that measure 3 to 6 mm in diameter. The original concept was a table configuration wide device. Ziv-Av came up with a mobile configuration which made the product space-efficient, achieving a much smaller footprint.

Ziv-Av performed extensive R&D procedures to optimize the bending process and make it as accurate as possible to complement the Mazor X system.

Ziv-Av increases surgical precision and improves patient safety

Ziv-Av’s design included the mechanism for critical bending of the rod along with its electrical system and covers.

The enhanced rodbender solution made it safer and stabler for patients, which allowed surgeons to devote their attention to the patient’s sagittal balance – decreasing the chances of disability.

With an effective design, the surgeons can perform the spine surgeries with highly accurate results.

Thanks in part to Ziv-Av’s design, surgeries can be completed much faster.

Mazor Robotics achieve impressive growth

Ziv-Av played its part with the value added design of the rodbender and helped spearhead major growth for Mazor Robotics. The complementary rodbender contributed to the machine’s value by providing optimal, cost-effective design.The breakthrough Mazor X Stealth Edition made Mazor Robotics so successful, the company was sold to Medtronic for a huge amount of $1.6 billion.

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