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Ziv-Av designs Kodak’s industry-leading Magnus 800

About Kodak

Kodak is an American technology company that’s been a leader in the world of photography and printing. They’ve been innovators and industry trendsetters for over 100 years.

Ziv-Av as a reliable partner has carried out many engineering designs for Kodak and enjoys their trust for ongoing development procedures.

With their trust in Ziv-Av’s value-added designs, Kodak, once again approached Ziv-Av to design a product with reduced costs while maintaining the high performance.

Ziv-Av design for high-performance plate making

Ziv-Av designed the chassis and covers of the printer to make a robust high performance machine. The design also included the loading/unloading systems of the plotter, as well as single cassette semi-automatic loading system. Magnus 800 provides exceptional productivity and efficiency for printing operations regardless of the size.

Cost-efficient design with improved productivity

Ziv Av was able to help design Magnus 800 to be cost-effective. The output of Kodak thermal direct non-process plates saves money and space. This design allowed Kodak to maximize its production and minimize the production costs.

Using Ziv-Av’s design, Kodak was able to keep up with the latest trends in computer-to-plate technology.

With their 30 years’ experience, Ziv-Av is a global leader in optimal designs and trusted by the world’s top companies including HP, Orbotech Kodak and others. Our engineering team – which represents a variety of disciplines and industry perspectives –has all the skills needed to provide cutting-edge designs that offer maximum value at affordable prices.

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