Ziv-Av engineers innovative design for Kodak Flexcel Laminator™ machine

About Kodak

Kodak has been a worldwide leader in camera and printing technology since the early 1900s. Since its creation, the company has been a pioneering force in essential print and photography products.
Ziv-Av designs new system for printing industry giant

Having collaborated with Ziv-Av on several successful projects in the past, Kodak chose the technology company to design the next-generation to plotter printer industries: the Flexcel Laminator.

Ziv-Av engineers were able to optimize the Flexcel Laminator for ease of use. The design was based on a well-established technology with improved features so the machine could switch easily between plates of varying size and thickness.

Ziv-Av designs simple, efficient lamination solution

Ziv-Av’s high-level, easy-to-operate solution places the film directly on rubber. The product was specifically developed to laminate a thermal imaging layer onto a Flexcel NX plate before UV exposure and processing – eliminating the presence of oxygen and ultimately creating highly-accurate reproductions.

Ziv-Av design improves printing consistency

Ziv-Av’s enhanced laminator successfully conquered one of printing’s toughest challenges: to produce high-quality prints using a smooth process that doesn’t create any air bubbles.

Ziv-Av’s design was also carefully engineered to support the formation of stable, full-amplitude, flat-top dots onto Kodak’s Flexcel NX plate. This feature reduces dot gain and improves both print quality and consistency – helping to keep Kodak competitive in a crowded industry.

Ziv-Av’s new design protected the Flexcel Laminator against ‘oxygen attack,’ which added even more value for Kodak.

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