Ziv-Av engineers Kodak’s FLEXCEL™ Direct System design

About Kodak
Kodak is a renowned leader in the printing industry that pioneered many award-winning solutions. A regular, satisfied Ziv-Av customer with ongoing trust in Ziv-Av, Kodak once again asked the technological company to design a product for Kodak’s suite of printing services.
Ziv-Av spearheads new printing approach for Kodak

To deliver high-quality printing, Kodak wanted to achieve smooth, streamlined motion for its flagship FLEXCEL TM Direct. Kodak approached Ziv-Av in order to develop a new approach to printing, that would enhance movement mechanics and produce ideal prints for both printing and prepress service providers.

Ziv-Av provides energy-efficient design for FlexcelTM Direct

Ziv-Av designed the mechanics for Kodak’s FLEXCEL TM Direct System so that it would move as easily and evenly as possible, using a simple, two-step process. These mechanics would enable higher-resolution engraving, with greater laser power. Ziv-Av’s design solution, simultaneously cutting the production costs and energy expenditure, boosted efficiency as well as high print quality for the FLEXCEL TM Direct.

Ziv-Av engineering helps Kodak land prestigious award

Ziv-Av’s cost-effective product helped boost operational efficiency and improve printing quality, ultimately changing the game for Kodak’s direct laser engraving capabilities. The mechanical design helped expand Kodak’s reach in the flexographic printing industry.

Ziv-Av’s design helped the FLEXCEL Direct System earn Kodak its third Intertech™ Award in the printing industry for its flexographic solutions.

Ziv-Av provides optimized designs for breakthrough functionality and savings

Ziv-Av has been providing companies like Kodak, BigRep and Stratasys with complete, elegant and reliable solutions for 30 years. Ziv-Av engineers use their exceptional skills to innovate, collaborate and invent, delivering globally competitive designs that solve some of engineering’s toughest challenges at reduced costs.

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