Israel Railways

Ziv-Av’s Comprehensive Technical Specifications shaping the future of Israel Railways

About Israel Railways
Israel Railways is the only national railway company in Israel having a large operation with 69 stations around Israel. Israel Railways is now one of the fastest-growing companies which now has an 11% increase in its number of passengers and more than NIS 2.7 billion invested for the company’s projects since 2017.
Ziv-Av is a trusted technology partner for Israel Railways

Ziv-Av as a reliable partner has carried out many engineering design projects for Israel Railway on an ongoing basis and enjoys their trust. The strong track record derived from dozens of successful projects.

Ziv-Av addressing the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility in a professional way

Israel Railways conducts various tenders as part of their procurement process. Technical specifications are the most critical chapter within the tender, providing suppliers with a complete insight of the requirements, allowing them to propose the most appropriate solution. Accurate specifications are crucial for the success during the tender evaluation and accomplishment of the project.

Ziv-Av making tenders a smoother ride, contributing to Israel Railway’s success

As Israel railway grows, having professionally written specifications is critical in order to generate successful Tenders. Ziv-Av drafts comprehensive specifications including design criteria, sizes, precision and installation procedures to name a few, and helps Israel Railway get the desired results.

Fulfilling the ever-stricter requirements of the Railway applications sector

ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS Certification™) certified, we are focused on quality and can fulfil the ever-stricter requirements within the Railway sector.

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