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Ziv-Av’s dedicated Failure-Analysis Saves Huge asset of Israel’s National Railways

About Israel Railways
Israel Railways is the only national railway company and operates 69 stations across the country. The fast-growing company has recently seen an 11% increase in passengers and made more than 2.7 billion NIS investments since 2017.
Israel Railway approaches Ziv-Av to solve crack problem in passenger trainsets

Israel Railway discovered repeating cracks in passenger trainsets. The cracks appeared in specific recurring locations in the coaches. Ziv Av was approached to investigate the reason for these cracks, and to provide a solution that will allow the fleet to continue operation.

Ziv-Av investigates and diagnoses the root cause of the cracks

Ziv-Av performed a comprehensive study of the load regime acting on the coach body, 3D modeling and FEA of the relevant fuselage area, and supplied the root cause of these cracks. The investigation concluded that these cracks do not pose a safety risk and that the trainsets can continue their service while a repair plan is in progress, saving Israel Railways a lot of time, effort and expense.

Ziv-Av designs a simple retrofit fix for coach body to protect against further failure

Having located the root cause of the cracks,, Ziv-Av started work on designing a solution that would prevent the cracks from propagating, strengthen the surrounding area and be simple and cost effective in terms of execution costs.

Ziv-Av produces and assembles the retrofit coach body structural solution

Ziv-Av’s team devised a complete process of retrofitted repair with QA gates of approval along the different stages of the repair and trained local personnel to perform this task for the rest of the fleet

Ziv-Av’s versatile team identified the problem and designed, produced, assembled and integrated a solution – helping Israel Railways with its business.
Fulfilling the ever-stricter requirements within the Railway sector

Our designs are cost-effective and of the highest standard, while our multidisciplinary team can solve operational problems with analysis, design, production and beyond.

ISO/TS 22163 (IRIS Certification™) certified, we are focused on quality design and production for the railway industry and we can fulfil the ever-stricter requirements within the Railway sector.

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