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Ziv-Av engineers design breakthrough in snowmaking for IDE Technologies

About IDE Technologies
IDE Technologies is a leading company that provides water-treatment solutions based on the most advanced technology. The company’s portfolio of green, economic products is designed to meet the needs of both industries and municipalities.
Ziv-Av develops a fully mobile Snowmaking factory

IDE Technologies approached Ziv-Av and asked for a first-of-its-kind design for a mobile snowmaking factory: the Snowmaker2Go.

The result was an entirely mobile snowmaker, unlike anything seen on the market before. Ziv-Av’s design is able to produce snow anytime, anywhere, in any weather condition and can ensure environment-friendly snow production without the use of chemicals.

Ziv-Av’s versatile team designs top-to-bottom snowmaker solution

Ziv-Av began the Snowmaker2Go design from just a P&ID (piping and instrumentation diagram) provided by IDE. Engineers successfully realized the concept and designed the entire product to be ready for snow production with just a plug-in into the water and power sources.

The Snowmaker2Go’s complete design included the cooling system, piping, vessels, electronics, hydraulics, software, and controls. All of these were created according to various sensitive parameters for flow, pressure, temperature, and sensor integration, among others.

Working under one roof, Ziv-Av’s all-inclusive team divided their work and designed the many different elements of the machine.
Ziv-Av provides plug-and-play snow factory for maximum mobility

Ziv-Av experts installed all aspects of the Snowmaker2Go in two ISO containers making it ready-to-go. The intricate design included routing hundreds of cables to accommodate the high voltage necessary to power the machine – all housed within the compact container units.

Thanks to this efficient design, one single cable can connect both containers and jumpstart the whole system. The cable can be detached and the containers moved to a new location, a true plug-and-play solution.

Ziv-Av helps elevate IDE Technologies to industry leader status

With Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary design engineering for the mobile Snowmaker2Go, IDE Technologies’ popularity in the snowmaking industry manifolded. The Snowmaker2Go was able to help keep ski resorts from going out of business due to global warming and extended their working season, which helped improve IDE’s reputation as an international leader in snowmaking.

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