Ziv-Av engineers PIP (photo imaging plate) foil replacement system for HP Indigo

About HP
HP Indigo is a global powerhouse that develops, manufactures and markets digital printing solutions, including printing presses, proprietary consumables/supplies and workflow solutions.
Ziv-Av’s provides solution to the tough challenges of HP Indigo

HP Indigo wanted to transform their A3 size plotter into a printing size with 400 mm width. Ziv-Av as a reliable design services provider has carried out a number of engineering designs for HP Indigo and enjoys their trust for many ongoing development procedures. Satisfied in many successful designs for them, HP Indigo, once again, approached Ziv-Av to supply the solution for replacing the expendable PIP foil.

Ziv-Av’s design ensures replacing the PIP foil is easier

Ziv-Av’s professional engineers carried out intensive research for the concept design of the possible solution to HP-Indigo’s challenge. Ziv-Av developed a mechanism to attach the foil easily with the PIP drum by wrapping the drum with foil. Ziv-Av also designed the rubber blanket to be attachment to the drum .

Ziv-Av supported HP Indigo with many successful projects.

Ziv-Av produces a successful model after concept development

After the design was complete, Ziv-Av’s team produced a model to ensure the functionalities of the concept. Ziv-Av engineers were able to create a quick PIP foil replacement model, making it semi-automatic and meeting all the requirements of HP-Indigo.

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