Ziv-Av designs innovative solution for Fabric’s micro fulfillment centers

About Fabric
Fabric, previously Commonsense Robotics, pioneered the micro-fulfillment centers with smaller footprint and better space-efficiency. It empowers retailers to get closer to their consumers in this ever-evolving digital age. It is a leading company that values time and provides its retailers the power to expand their reach in their respective industries.
Ziv-Av provides topnotch design for Fabric

To make the micro fulfilment services more efficient in terms of space and speed, Fabric developed a semi-autonomous intelligent robotics warehouse. Fabric approached Ziv-Av to create a TR Station (Terminal) and TP Station (TouchPoint) of their robotics warehouse. These TR and TP stations are the heart of each MFC (Micro Fulfillment Center) and creates the user-machine interface in the process of handling material flow.

How do ‘smart’ micro fulfillment centers work?

Climbing Robots to take the shelf totes

In the intelligent micro-fulfillment centers developed by Fabric, goods are scanned and placed in specific Shelf Totes to store at designated locations on the shelves. When a customer orders online, the order-information is immediately sent to the intelligent robots. These smart Robots climb onto the shelves to pull down those specific Shelf Totes having customer-ordered goods, and place them on the GRs (GroundRobots) which then take the totes to the TP Station.

TR stations for insertion and extraction of totes from the MFC

This station receives fresh products that arrive in trucks to the MFC and fills totes that are then put on GRs (Ground Robots) and taken to the TP stations. When TP station totes are filled and are ready to delivery, the GRs delivers them back to the TR stations for extraction from the MFC and shipment to the customer.

TP stations for collection of the ordered-goods for the delivery

The TP station is responsible for collection of goods of each delivery from different Shelf Totes. A smart elevator raises the totes to a comfortable height for the human compiler which picks and fills each delivery from a sequence of totes. The elevator then takes the Shelf Tote back to the Ground Robots to return them to the shelves. When the content of the order is fulfilled and loaded in the DeliveryTote, the DeliveryTote goes to the TR for final shipment to the customer.

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineers design the technological TP and TR stations

Ziv-Av engineers provided an all-inclusive design of hardware, control, mechanisms, and software of TP and TR stations. To design TP & TR machines with synchronized systems, Ziv-Av has a multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, hardware and software engineering experts – all under one roof.

Ziv-Av critically analyzed the needs of Fabric and developed a tailor-made well thought of technological solution of these smart TouchPoint and Terminal Stations – promoting efficiency and speed for the client.

Ziv-Av’s optimal design ensures efficiency, speed and safety of the operator

The innovative design of these machines combines human interface (operator), machine interface (with GRs), software interface (with higher logic level) woven to the infrastructure of the MFC.

Ziv-Av provided an all-inclusive design of the whole TouchPoint Station, including meeting UL requirements for certification.

The design ensures that right the order is placed in the right tote with a physical verification between the robots and the TP station within a second.

Ziv-Av produces prototype, creates assembly line and supplies serial production

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team developed the product from concept to prototype and to serial production and provided a complete mechanical, electrical and motion control design – giving full consideration to cost-effectiveness and safety.

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