About Fabric
Fabric, previously Commonsense Robotics, pioneered the micro-fulfillment centers with smaller footprint and better space-efficiency. It empowers retailers to get closer to their customers in this ever-evolving digital age. It’s a leading startup that values time and provides its retailers the power to expand their reach in their respective industries.
Space-efficient micro fulfillment centers to fulfill faster delivery

Fabric innovates the delivery services with intelligent robots working in the micro-fulfillment centers. Goods are scanned and placed in specific totes which are stored at designated locations on vertical shelves. When a customer orders online, the order-information is immediately sent to the intelligent robots.

The smart Robots climb onto the shelves to pick up specific totes having customer-ordered goods, and place them on the GRs (GroundRobots). The GroundRobots take the totes to the TP (TouchPoint) Station for assembly of contents and then to the TR (Terminal Stations) for final shipment to the customers.

Ziv-Av provides topnotch design for Fabric

Ziv-Av designed a smart, cost-effective concept of the ClimbingRobot which can move vertically (up-down) as well as horizontally (left-right) on the shelves in order to receive the right totes and place them on the GroundRobots.

The ClimbingRobot needed a well-thought design for its movements; ability to retrieve the right totes from the shelves, raise or lower them and the ability to change direction from horizontal to vertical.

Ziv-Av supplies innovative concept in Robotics

Ziv-Av developed the unique concept to allow the wheels of autonomous ClimbingRobot for smooth transition on the non-continuous rails and also allowing to change directions from horizontal to vertical. Using the innovative concept of the Ziv-Av, Fabric designed and manufactured the ClimbingRobot.

Ziv-Av provides design modifications for a cost-effective and fast solution

After the development and prototyping phase, for serial production of the robot, Ziv-Av designed the cost effective structure with its mechanisms for a lightweight, high payload climbing robot.

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