Ziv-Av designs Etenergy’s patented E-Tracker to help maximize solar power harvesting

About Eternegy
Etenergy is a company that focuses on electric power production. The company’s ETracker product helps capture solar power efficiently.
Ziv-Av’s E-Tracker design produces more solar-powered electricity per area and cost

Etenergy called on Ziv-Av to develop a large scale solar dual axis tracker system for the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry to help increase solar energy production. The design would produce maximum electricity while still maintaining durability and affordability.

For this E-Tracker product, Ziv-Av engineered a dual-axis tracker that would support the axis of the mounting structure and allow its movement to follow the sun. This would enable the system’s PV panels to capture sunlight efficiently and optimize power generation.

Ziv-Av achieves high-level solar performance for Etenergy

Ziv-Av engineers designed the E-Tracker to be light-weight, robust, and reliable-all at reduced production cost. Each Ziv-Av E-Tracker carries PV panels within an area of 100 square meters and provides dual-axis tracking, while capable of withstanding high wind loads and keep its accuracy – a highly-effective design that helps increase energy production by 40%.

Ziv Av’s cost-effective design ensures affordability

Ziv-Av engineers designed the E-Tracker with a simple configuration that would use fewer raw materials as well as components that were less complicated and easy to put together. This successful design helped make the ETracker more affordable for PV industry customers.

Ziv-Av’s design ensured the complete ETracker structure would be simple, economical, and easy to assemble.
Ziv-Av engineering offers simplicity, resilience and savings

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