Ziv-Av engineers computer-to-plate system for DigiFlex

About DigiFlex

DigiFlex is a startup that was founded to provide a cost-effective printing system that produces both flexographic and letterpress printing plates. Their inkjet-based computer-to-plate (CTP) solution enables high-quality digital imaging at a reduced cost.
Ziv-Av’s FlexoJet design makes printing greener and more affordable

Digiflex’s Flexojet 1725 produces printing stencils for the offset printing industry. Digiflex turned to Ziv-Av to design the solution and create a system that would limit costs while still maintaining high performance levels.

Ziv-Av’s design for the FlexoJet 1725 achieved optimal printing and processing speed as well as cost-effective, environmentally-friendly construction. The solution consisted of a lightweight, high-precision printing device that creates an opaque mask on top of the printing plate, eliminating the need for metal laser process film.

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineers design integrated FlexoJet 1725 solution

Ziv-Av’s all-inclusive FlexoJet featured designs for the PCB Card, motion system, mechanics and electrical system enabling critical-motion of the CTP system. Ziv-Av also engineered the lightweight yet resilient chassis and cover for the FlexoJet 1725 using only affordable materials.

Ziv-Av’s comprehensive services took the FlexoJet 1725 from design to display, allowing the machine to feature on the global stage.

Ziv-Av engineers first FlexoJet 1725 machines, helps boost DigiFlex business

After completing a simple, cost-efficient FlexoJet design that would offer reduced initial and ongoing costs, the Ziv-Av team produced a batch of prototypes of FlexoJet machines.

Following the production of the prototypes, Ziv-Av collected feedback and enhanced the original design with new features and retrofitted sensors for easier operation, maintenance cost reduction and downtime minimization, as well as better quality.

Thanks to Ziv-Av’s work, DigiFlex was able to present the FlexoJet 1725 at DRUPA, the largest printing equipment exhibition in the world.

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