Ziv-Av designs Taavura’s deck lifter for safer, easier lifting

About Taavura
Taavura is Israel’s largest road haulage and logistics company, renowned for creating and manufacturing innovative machines. A pioneer in efficient ways to haul heavy objects, Taavura is currently expanding its overseas activities. After many successful collaborations, Taavura once again chose Ziv-Av to design their innovative Deck lifter.
Ziv-Av creates new solution to address industry safety challenges

Lifting decks in the roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ships was a very cumbersome job, often weighting 20 ton each, requiring bulky traditional scissor lifts mounted onto modified commercial trucks.. These scissor lifts are not optimally equipped to take on the immense amount of weight of a deck, so they can make operation very difficult and put workers and equipment at risk.

Ziv-Av engineers designed a new lifting concept and vehicle for safer, as well as more effective, lifting and lowering of the decks onto roll-on/roll-off (ro-ro) ships. The design could hoist incredibly large size and heavy decks (of up to 20m x 25m and 25 ton each) more securely, and would provide better traction, maneuverability and all-round visibility to the operator.

Ziv-Av provides simpler design, cuts back on time and effort and enhance safety

Ziv-Av’s experience in sustainable designs helped its engineers develop a new lifting system that was simple, highly-maneuverable, and compact (only 3m x 6m). The design’s four synchronized telescopic pistons retrofitted to a 4 wheel drive and 4 wheel steering (including “crab” steering) lift up to seven tons each, hence handling the tremendous weight of each deck and increasing the flow of operations.

Ziv-Av’s design is centered on a safer, easier-to-use product, that is both extremely simple to operate and can lift more weight than standard scissor lifts.

Ziv-Av significantly reduces time to market for Taavura

Because of Ziv-Av’s decision to use industry-approved vehicle and modify them according to Taavura’s requirements, engineers were able to cut product costs and time to market substantially.

Ziv-Av’s extremely fast design – which also met the necessary standards for lifting equipment, maritime and vehicle regulations (DNV regulation) – quickly became a commercial success and was produced in hundreds.

Ziv-Av offers exceptional experience for customers

For 30 years, Ziv-Av has been providing innovative, streamlined, efficient designs that meet rigorous industry standards. Our engineered products have solved some of the toughest challenges in the train, heavy equipment and automotive industries as well as many more.

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