Dead Sea Works

Ziv-Av designs carnallite-extraction barge for Dead Sea Works

About Dead Sea Works
ICL is a global leader that manufactures unique mineral-based products in order to fulfill essential needs in three core markets: agriculture, food, and engineered materials. The company is a leading provider of potash and produces a third of the world’s bromine.
Ziv-Av engineers new, efficient floating factory for ICL

Dead Sea Works (part of ICL) needed an innovative barge that would extract minerals from the Dead Sea and convey them to an inland factory. The barge would have to be manufactured in various parts due to transport and lifting constraints as well as be able to withstand the corrosive environment of the Dead Sea.

Ziv-Av provides a project management team

The barge project involved multi industry disciplines performed by several sub-contractors, that required being administered and synchronized, so as to reach the perfect solution, while keeping quality, schedule and costs as the main goals. Ziv-Av system engineered the project, coordinating all the activities from start to finish, creating a carnallite extraction floating factory.

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team provides mechanical design solution

On top of system engineering the project, Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team developed the mechanical structure of the colossal barge. As an added service, Ziv-Av engineers also delivered a robust dredge design with an energy-efficient drive mechanism for harvesting the carnallite.

Ziv-Av overcomes lifting, transportation and environmental challenges

Ziv-Av’s experts designed the monumental carnallite-extraction factory barge – weighing almost 660 tons – to be composed of several, easy-to-assemble parts to beat the transportation and lifting limitations that would arise when moving the massive barge and launching it into the dead sea.

The barge was designed to withstand the Dead Sea’s high salt environment, which can corrode vulnerable equipment. To ensure quality and durability in this hard atmosphere, Ziv-Av’s versatile team supported the production team during the manufacture, assembly, transportation, launch and integration of two initial barges.

Ziv-Av’s design of the barge used strong, durable materials for rugged construction and increased resilience.

Ziv-Av provides comprehensive design services for leading companies

Ziv-Av has over 30 years’ experience in offering end-to-end solutions for innovative, streamlined, efficient designs. Our engineered products have solved some of the toughest challenges in the heavy equipment, transportation and automotive industries, as well as many more – and each product is carefully designed to meet industry standards, enabling rapid time-to-market.

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