Spectrum Dynamics

Ziv-Av upgrades nuclear cardiac imaging for Spectrum Dynamics

About Spectrum Dynamics
Spectrum Dynamics Medical is a global leader, developer and manufacturer of high-definition, functional imaging technology for cardiological purposes.

Spectrum Dynamics pioneered the nuclear cardiac imaging system with the world’s first clinical Cadmium Zinc Telluride (CZT) and now wanted to develop the next-generation, D-SPECT® Cardio.

Ziv-Av designs a breakthrough in nuclear cardiac imaging world

Astonishingly, the medical world was still using a technology invented in the 1950’s. In partnership with Spectrum Dynamics, Ziv-Av engineered the accurate motion system for the imaging system for non-invasive heart problem detection.

D-SPECT® Cardio scans the patient’s heart using special technologies in a shorter time and much dose-reduction. It has an open design which eliminates claustrophobia & reduces the chance of patient motion.

Ziv-Av designs efficient motion-system for the sensors

Staying true to their core services, engineers at Ziv-Av addressed the challenge of designing a highly innovative heart mapping motion system. .

This high level of accuracy allows the machine to capture 120 high-quality images of the heart in less than 2-4 minutes – vastly improving the clinical workflow.

Ziv-Av provides a solution in no time

Ziv-Av engineers were able to finish the uphill task of designing the product until the start of the production within just 2 months’ time! Ziv-Av achieved the target for their customer, greatly reducing the time to market by providing a one-of-a-kind solution that grants a precise scan of the heart.

Ziv-Av designs a very critical and accurate motion system of the sensors which move around the heart with a 50 micrometer accuracy to precisely scan the heart.

Ziv-Av continues to provide high-quality designs

As global leaders with 30 year experience, Ziv-Av achieves cost-effectiveness with reduced time-to-market and increases optimal efficiency. Ziv-Av built its reputation as a trusted partner of the world’s biggest brands in almost every industry including medical, automotive, robotics and many more.

ISO13845 (QMS for medicald evices) certified, we are focused on quality and can fulfil the ever-stricter and highly accurate requirements within the Medical industry.

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