Ziv-Av designs patented kinetic energy storage system for Chakratech’s ultra-fast EV charging system

About Chakratec
Chakratec, a revolutionary startup founded in 2013, developed a unique kinetic energy storage technology, which enables unlimited high power charge and discharge cycles. Chakratec systems are deployed with leading energy and automotive companies around the globe and have been awarded a number of significant awards.
Chakratec approaches Ziv-AV for its kinetic energy storage system

Chakratec introduced kinetic power booster technology and facilitated the deployment of fast charging stations in many countries around the globe. Impressed with Ziv-Av’s technical capabilities, Chakratec approached Ziv-Av to get a cost-effective and efficient design of its mechanical battery system that stores energy using a flywheel. 

Ziv-Av engineers kinetic energy storage system for Chakratec

From an idea by Chakratec, Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team engineered the complete mechanical design and mechanics of this patented machine. Ziv-Av’s engineers were able to design the mechanical battery with a rotating flywheel that absorbs the energy and sorted out the challenge of rotating it at very high speed with minimum friction.

Ziv-Av provides unique solution by designing a frictionless flywheel

Ziv-Av’s experts were able to design the battery based on a non-chemical flywheel making the system green and reusable as opposed to toxic and polluting chemical batteries. Ziv-Av achieved a smart and innovative design placing the whole mechanism in a carefully designed vacuum container.

Ziv-Av’s was able to design a mechanical battery system that is environmentally friendly and 5x economical than chemical batteries.

Ziv-Av produces smart prototype of the Chakratec’s kinetic battery

After the design was complete, Ziv-Av’s versatile team produced a prototype, meeting all of Chakratec’s requirements for innovation, high-performance and cost-effectiveness. producing, assembling and integrating a functional prototype, ensured the product would work perfectly.

Ziv-Av redesigns next generation of the product and manufactures a beta prototype

Ziv-Av’s successful prototype production validated the product’s idea and functionality. In the next stage, Chakratec wanted a lightweight solution, hence Ziv-Av designed its next generation ─ accomplishing the weight-reduction. Ziv-Av produced a new prototype and validated the new design.

Ziv-Av builds better products and promotes business growth for startups as well as industry leaders

With its versatile engineering services, Ziv-av provided a complete turnkey solution – from conceptual design to prototype production and met all of Chakratec requirements. Ziv-Av is a global leader in optimal design for various industries including renewable energy, automotive, robotics as well as many others – promoting impressive growth for them.

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