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Ziv-Av engineers BrightSource Energy’s new heliostat design

About BrightSource Energy
BrightSource Energy is a leader in solar technologies. The company designs, develops, and deploys environmentally-friendly solar thermal technology to produce high-value electricity and steam for power, petroleum, and industrial markets worldwide.
Ziv-Av designs heliostat structure for reliable, cost-effective power production

Ziv-Av was approached by BrightSource to create the heliostat structure for the company’s fourth generation suite of solar field technologies. The design would need to improve structure, reduce construction time, enhance solar power production and lower overall project costs.

Ziv-Av engineers designed both the heliostat structure and its robotic motion mechanisms so that they would consist of very few components, making for easier assembly and reduced construction cost. The simplified product also boasted a faster installation time, a greater level of serviceability and an estimated lifespan of at least 25 years.

Ziv-Av’s top-notch design secures BrightSource’s standing as solar power world leader

The Ziv-Av-designed the heliostat motion system – powered by photovoltaic panels and a set of rechargeable battery supply units – which was able to manage positioning and optimize sunlight power.

The design consists of four flat-glass mirrors, which together provide a maximum reflective surface within the constraints of the mechanical drive systems. A larger reflective surface efficiently concentrates sunlight and yields a larger output of solar power, which helps increase BrightSource’s competitive capabilities.

Ziv-Av’s overall design helps concentrate the sun’s radiation, providing a large output of solar power.

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