Ziv-Av engineers large-scale printing machine; BigRep Pro for the German technology giant

About BigRep
BigRep, a German company, is a pioneer of the world’s largest serial production 3D printers, with a benchmark for large-format additive manufacturing. With their award-winning, German-engineered printers they have established new standards in speed, reliability and efficiency.
Ziv-Av designs and is trusted by the 3D printing industry-giant

Ziv-Av as a reliable partner has carried out engineering designs for BigRep and is trusted to participate in their ongoing development procedures.

BigRep, once again, approached Ziv-Av to design a product with reduced costs while maintaining the high performance and innovation, the hallmark of German products.

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineers design and integrate BigRep Pro Machine

Ziv-Av developed a new design layout for the semi-automatic leveling of the print bed. Ziv-Av’s wide-ranging design featured the mechanism to enable adjustment of the printing bed. Ziv-Av also engineered the lightweight-yet-robust chassis and cover for the BigRep Pro.

Ziv-Av designed the new version of the printer’s “XY” axis along with the heating system, delivering speed and precision to achieve the highest quality.

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary services for a wide range design solution, achieved the benchmark 3D printer target of printing with industrial-grade materials.

Ziv- Av builds better products, promotes business growth

With their 30 years’ experience, Ziv-Av applies high-level planning to create designs, reduce production costs and deliver products for industry giants like BigRep, Stratasys, Massivit 3D and many others. Our engineering team – which represents a variety of disciplines and industry perspectives –has all the skills needed to provide cutting-edge designs that offer maximum value at affordable prices.

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