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Ziv-Av designs first-ever automatic robotic battery switching station

About Better Place
Better Place is an international company that developed robotic battery-charging and battery-switching services for electric cars. The company’s charge-spot stations were designed to optimize the driving experience for electric car drivers while minimizing environmental impact.
Ziv-Av designs unique robotics automation for e-cars

Better Place introduced electric car technology that further advanced the vehicle and transportation industry with the help of robotics. For greater market penetration, the company aimed to overcome two major obstacles of the electric cars: range limit anxiety and extended charging times.

Better Place chose Ziv-Av to provide a design for a battery switching station that would shorten charging sessions and reduce driver anxieties.

Ziv-Av develops cost-effective and fast car battery switching station

Ziv-Av was able to deliver the world’s first-ever automated robotic battery switching station for electric vehicles. The design helped to optimize operations by making the switch process cost-effective and hassle-free. Overall switching process takes about 5 minutes, like a traditional gas filling process.

ZIv-Av’s streamlined battery switching, fully automated process included ‘conveying’ the vehicle, opening the battery lock with a unique mechanism, removing the empty battery with the help of robotics and replacing it with a new one. The design eliminates the need for additional station personnel.

Ziv-Av pioneers automation for human-free refueling

Placed in strategic locations similar to gas stations, Ziv-Av’s switch solution allowed drivers to switch their batteries whenever they want, without any personal involvement. This proved far-more efficient than waiting for a battery to charge completely before hitting the road again.

Ziv-Av’s design added value for Better Place and saved money for consumers by significantly reducing e-car charging times. The stations were also engineered to be built and maintained as easily as possible, with limited energy expenditure and fewer personnel.

Ziv-Av’s robotic station design was able to perform a battery switch cycle in just 5 minutes.

Ziv-Av’s designs achieve cost- and energy-efficiency for business leaders

Ziv-Av has 30 years of experience in reducing development costs and shortening time to market in fields such as railway, automotive and renewable energy. Our sustainable, durable, and reliable designs help companies like yours get ahead in their field –and stay there.

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