Ziv-Av designs technologically advanced Foot Drop System for Bioness

About Bioness
Bioness is a leading provider of innovative technologies that help people regain their mobility with the help of functional electrical stimulation (FES). The company was established in 2004 with the goal of developing and distributing neuromodulation devices to help individuals regain their independence.
Ziv-Av pioneers a technologically advanced easy-to-use design

Bioness chose Ziv-Av to convert their Prototype design to a serial one, build the full supply chain and to define the quality process procedures for its revolutionary “L300 Foot Drop System” that would allow people with “foot-drop” problems to walk naturally.

Ziv-Av upgrades production processes and quality management

The major part of the project was to improve the production processes, in order to achieve cost reduction and supply chain efficiency. To achieve that, Ziv-Av designed production and assembly jigs and established quality procedures that upgraded the production practices, thus attaining better management of the serial production process.

Ziv-Av improves product reliability

By upgrading the production process and quality management, Ziv-Av improved Bioness foot drop product significantly.

Ziv-Av offers efficient designs for medical industry leaders

With 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in the medical industry, Ziv-Av provides cost-effective products with high market adoption.

ISO13845 certified (Medical Certification), we are focused on quality and an integrated process to create medical products that are approved, manufactured and delivered to market faster.

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