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Ziv-Av engineers concentrated solar power system for Zenith Solar

About Zenith Solar
Zenith Solar is a renewable energy company specializing in solar energy solutions. For its new solar dish, Zenith Solar selected Ziv-Av to create a design that would harness more sunlight and enhance efficiency.
Ziv-Av pioneers improved solar dish

Zenith Solar was in need of a solar dish that would be durable yet lightweight in order to save energy costs and reduce the system’s carbon footprint. The design would also have to take wind loads and thermal expansion into account.

Ziv-Av delivered the concentrated solar power system to harvest sunlight, simultaneously producing thermal and electrical energy. The system produces over two kilowatts of electricity as well as the equivalent of five kilowatts of solar hot water.

Ziv-Av develops intricate, cost-effective structure

Ziv-Av’s comprehensive design is a cost-efficient structure that holds 2000 small mirrors, all of which fit into an area of just ten square meters. These mirrors reduce the number of photovoltaic cells, which helps make the cost of solar energy much more affordable.

Thanks in part to Ziv-Av’s careful engineering, the new Zenith Solar system is capable of harnessing 75% of incoming sunlight – about five times more than traditional solar panels.

Ziv-Av design helps trigger remarkable growth for Zenith Solar

Ziv-Av’s design proved highly cost-efficient for Zenith Solar. Ziv-Av professionals specifically engineered the system with strong, yet simple materials, to cut the cost of production while increasing optical efficiency.

In addition, the combination of heat and electrical power generation brought down overall costs and allowed Zenith Solar to install new, clean energy sites for renewable energy organizations worldwide – a major expansion for the company.

Ziv-Av engineered a solar dish that would use simple yet highly efficient parts in order to reduce production costs without sacrificing quality.

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