Ziv-Av designs VEIKA’s first of a kind printing system

Veika, established in 1991, is a producer of wideformat digital printing and solvent-based printing inks. It’s a leading company that provides its customers with excellent service in the wall-covering industry, as well as wideformat digital printing.
Ziv-Av designs a new dimension in digital printing

VEIKA’s ‘Dimensor S’ is a 3D digital wideformat printer that provides unique structure formation. ‘Dimensor S’ prints customized 3D textured designs on wallpapers using reliable wideformat inkjet technology.

Veika approached Ziv-Av for the design of this amazing printer while maintaining the high quality and innovation requirements.

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineers design ‘Dimensor S’ for Veika

Considering the requirements of Veika, Ziv-Av designed the printer from scratch, as well as manufactured it.

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineering specialists dug into Veika’s idea and provided an all-inclusive design including the printer’s hardware, mechanics, chassis, covers, electrical system, control as well as the software. Complete hardware and software synchronization was achieved by Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team of mechanical, electrical, hardware and software engineering experts––all under one roof.

Ziv-Av engineers cost-effective and revolutionary printer

With Ziv-Av’s design, ‘Dimensor S’ allowed wallpaper-producers to make embossed prints at reduced cost. Ziv-Av’s design costs the same as standard printers available in the market – still providing the high-quality digital printing and formation of structure.

Ziv-Av’s versatile engineers from various disciplines collaborated and achieved a breakthrough all-inclusive design for the printer.

Ziv-Av’s turnkey solution from design to production

Going further with their turnkey services, ZivAv’s engineers produced and supplied the printer. Ziv-Av produced & supplied the 1st batch, of printers and continue to supply according to Veika’s demand.

Ziv-Av provides economical end-to-end solutions

Ziv-Av is providing leading companies like HP, Kodak, BigRep and Stratasys with reliable solutions for 30 years and performs a high-level research to create designs with reduced production costs.

Ziv-Av’s versatile team brings diverse skills and perspectives to product development –from conceptual designto production and supply, delivering top notch, highly cost-effective solutions.

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