Designing a revolutionary security device based on nanotechnology

Ziv-Av designs revolutionary security solution for Tracense
Tracense is the world’s leading security provider in airports, military and law
enforcement sectors as well as other sensitive locations. Tracense offers a cost-effective alternative to typical high-cost and high-labor intensive procedures for a secure and safer tomorrow─offering superior-developed technology grounded in advanced security protocols.
Ziv-Av designs breakthrough security appliance incorporating Tracense technology

Tracense’s innovative technology allows detection of the explosives by collecting and analyzing explosive’s vapors. Tracense sensors based on breakthrough nano-technology can detect a wide range of threats in gaseous streams or liquid samples. These exceptionally smart sensors can detect the explosives even when they are in as little concentration as a few parts per quadrillion, from as far as 16 meters away. The Tracence nanochip, therefore, is a million times more effective than existing technologies which detect only a few molecules per billion.

Tracense approached Ziv-Av with their technology and the nanochip to get a design of the security appliance that can support and incorporate all features of this innovative technology.

Ziv-Av engineers create a robust and cost-effective design

Considering the needs of a high-quality product, Ziv-Av engineered a well thought design for Tracense. Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team collaborated to achieve an all-inclusive design featuring the plastic covers, mechanics, electricity, controls and software of this breakthrough security device.

Ziv-Av designed the machine’s working principle based on hydraulics, responsible for transporting the fluids. The machine takes sterile fluids and transfers them to draw the sample onto the nanochip where it is analyzed and then disposed-off. Ziv-Av’s designed the complete process to be placed in a closed circuit to ensure safety.

Thanks to the engineering specialists, Ziv-Av provided an optimal design of the device ─ achieving a light-weight, robust and cost-effective security device for Tracense.


The security process at airports and other sensitive locations is made much simpler by the Ziv-Av engineered solution for Tracense”

Ziv-Av’s turnkey solution from design to prototype manufacturing

Going further with their turnkey services, ZivAv’s engineering specialist manufactured the prototype of the security device. Ziv-Av assembled and integrated three prototypes of the device meeting all the requirements of Tracense.

Ziv-Av achieves economical end-to-end solutions for its customers

The experts on Ziv-Av’s versatile team bring diverse skills and perspectives to product development––from concept, to design, prototype and beyond. Our multidisciplinary engineers deliver top notch, highly cost-effective solutions, and reduce time-to-market.

With certification according to ISO9001 (QMS Certification), we are focused on quality and can fulfil the ever-stricter and highly accurate requirements for your security products.

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