Ziv-Av designs user-friendly and cost-effective SodaStream Mix

About SodaStream
SodaStream is a pioneer of easy-to-use consumer products for carbonating-water in the comfort of your own home. The SodaStream products instantly turn still water into sparkling water by adding carbon dioxide from a pressurized cylinder.
Ziv-Av designs the machine to carbonate a range of liquids

Ziv-Av, as a reliable partner, has carried out different engineering designs for Sodastream and enjoys their trust. Sodastram needed to make a machine that would carbonate not only the water but any liquid i.e. juice, milk, wine etc.

Sodastream, once again, approached Ziv-Av to design a product with reduced costs, while maintaining the high performance and innovation.

Ziv-Av’s extensive research for an innovative design

The initial Sodastream machine can add the gas to water. This design, however, cannot be applied for milk and other liquids because all other liquids can cause valves’ failures.

While the Sodastream machine’s initial design allowed making of sparkling water, it didn’t work well with different other liquids.

Ziv-Av manufactures smart prototype of the Sodastream Mix

After the design was completed, Ziv-Av’s versatile team produced a prototype that met all of Sodastream’s requirements for innovation, high-performance and cost-effectiveness. The careful production and assembly into a functional prototype, ensured the product would work perfectly.

Ziv-Av performed extensive research to design a new concept making the machine work exactly as needed by the Sodastream for any liquids.

Ziv-Av develops new concept for Sodastream Mix

With Ziv-Av’s extensive research, the machine was enabled to mix the gas into different liquids. The research involved working on concepts of physics to innovate the way of mixing the gas into various liquids.

Ziv-Av’s concept featured a pressurized container to put the gas in the empty space on top of the liquid, a mechanism to securely hold the bottle and a stirrer to stir the gas with the liquid and control the gas exhaust.

Ziv-Av put a lot of effort into developing and making Sodastream Mix innovative and better in order to turn liquids into sparkling drinks.

Versatile design engineering with convenient Graphical User Interface

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary engineers collaborated for a fashionable, sleek and cost-effective design featuring mechanical, electronics, software and hardware.

Ziv-Av’s design featured an attractive, easy to use graphical user interface that not only enables high performances but does not require a strong CPU.

Sodastream’s innovative and easy to use machine can carbonate liquids other than water, thanks to Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary experts.

Ziv-Av provided a multi-layered solution – from conceptual design to prototype production for a delicious alternative to the usual soda water for Sodastream.

Ziv-Av enables innovative and cost-effective end-to-end solutions

The experts on Ziv-Av’s versatile team bring diverse skills and perspectives to product development – from conceptual design to prototype production and beyond. Our cross-functional engineers deliver top notch, highly cost-effective solutions and reduce time to market.

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