Ziv-Av designs one-stop, one-step intelligent solution for superior security and enhanced guest experience

About Qylur
Qylur, a revolutionary startup founded in Palo Alto, California, provides the best technology solution to protect people with its intelligent machines using Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) for smarter operations and great human experience. Qylur is an industry leader that created enhanced guest security solutions and implemented across the globe in important public events.
About the product

“Qylatron” is a superior guest reception solution to help large public venues provide exceptional guest experience and best security at the first point of entry.

The unique system combines ticket-scanning and access-validation with multi-sensor threat detection to improve guest screening. It harnesses machine-learning and artificial intelligence technology that allows machines to make accurate decisions in complex situations, as well as enables social networks of machines to share data on a large scale.

Ziv-Av develops the concept for the unique solution

From a rough idea by the entrepreneur, Ziv-Av developed the concept and complete electro-mechanical design of this revolutionary machine.

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team engineered the whole machine, including mechanics, electrical system, detection units, heat transfer unit and control.

The unique one-stop, one-step design by Ziv-Av applies the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and artificial intelligence of Qylur to uniquely streamline, analyze and secure guest-entry at stadiums, amusement parks, iconic venues, as well as public offices.

Ziv-Av provides unrivaled engineering solution

Ziv-Av’s innovative design is a five-compartment scanning machine for simultaneous scanning of five bags with a common x-ray source in the center of the machine. Each specific compartment has a unique combination of elements that allow scanning of the bag from all directions, in order to receive a 3D image of the contents of the bag.

Ziv-Av’s design is embedded with machine-learning based intelligent technology for autonomous decisions – eliminating dependence on manual checkup.

Ziv-Av’s revolutionary design with unmatched efficiency

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary team of experts collaborated to design the mechanical, electrical and motion control systems of the machine. The machine is elegantly styled and provides unmatched efficiency to reduce the number of false alerts with accurate identification of knives, weapons, drugs and explosives.

Ziv-Av’s all-inclusive design, combining mechanics, electronics and control systems empowers this intelligent machine for smarter operations with super-fast scanning of up to 1000 bags per hour.

The design that gives security and protection

Each guest entering the venue is issued a user ticket. After the machine scans the tickets, each visitor inserts his/her bag into one of the machine’s five compartments. The machine scans the bags and users can retrieve their bags on the other side, only by scanning their ticket again. However, if the bag contains a restricted product, the door of the machine will turn purple and remain shut until the issue is clarified by a security personnel.

Ziv-Av’s design enables large venues to continuously stream while offering guests a respectful and personalized self-service entry process.

Ziv-Av produces a breakthrough of intricate security machine

Behind a simplified product manufactured by the multidisciplinary team of Ziv-Av, lie multiple technologies including thousands of parts.

Ziv-Av produced a remarkable machine with intricate features of thousands of parts and provided a reliable solution. Despite that, the machine is compact and robust.

Ziv-Av achieved a far more time-efficient and cost-effective machine than the manual checkup.

Across the globe market-adoption in major international events

Qylur’s security technology engineered by the multidisciplinary team of Ziv-Av is implemented all over the world at airports, stadiums, public transportation facilities and amusement parks. Many of the major international events attended by millions of visitors have already opted for this innovative machine.

The breakthrough intelligent security solution has been successfully used in the 2016 Summer Olympics, 2014 FIFA World Cup, Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, 2016 SuperBowl and will be used in the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics.

Ziv-Av’s Engineering recognized by the industry and authorities

Qylur’s revolutionary technology with Ziv-Av’s optimal engineering received great recognition as an innovative security solution.

The DHS named Qylur’s Entry Solution a “Secure Entry Point of the Future” and implemented it in the airports and ground sites.

The U.S. department of Homeland Security (DHS) acknowledged Ziv-Av’s innovative design and awarded Qylur with the SAFETY Act Designation award.

Ziv-Av as a global leader in innovative designs

Ziv-Av is a global leader in optimal design in various industries including homeland security, robotics, automotive and others.

Our multidisciplinary engineers help reduce production costs and make products more durable and reliable – all with faster time to market.

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