Ziv-Av develops revolutionary and affordable CT scanner for Nanox

About Nanox
Nanox is a medical imaging company which has developed a revolutionary CT device that is mobile, substantially smaller and extremely cheaper than the existing devices. Nanox’s CT technology is based on digital X-ray production using a MEMS component instead of conventional flame lamps enabling cost reduction by orders of magnitude. The device supports scans such as CT, mammography, fluoroscopy and angiography.
Ziv-Av engineers revolutionized the medical imaging system

Nanox approached Ziv-Av for the design of the revolutionary digital X-ray machine and its prototype within a stringent timeline of three months.

Among many other design features, Ziv-Av designed the arch of the scanner which scans the patient’s body from different angles. The arch is designed to work with a very high voltage of 70,000V which creates immense heat. Ziv-Av managed the heat dissipation by designing a cooling system.

Along with the arch of this amazing machine, Ziv-Av also provided the design of the machine’s table, mechanics, electricity, electronics and motion control system .

Through its specialists, Ziv-Av achieved a significant cost-reduction – realizing Nanox’ vision of affordability to all.

Ziv-Av excels in cost-effective prototype production

Ziv-Av’s multidisciplinary engineers provided a turnkey solution from design to production of this innovative machine. All the production, assembly & integration and tests were performed in Ziv-Av’s well-equipped workshop.

The demonstrations of this perfectly working prototype helped Nanox raise $26 million within three months from many investors including ‘Foxconn-the IT industry giant’.

From scratch to a revolutionary, cost-effective design as well as a working prototype – Ziv-Av accomplished all in just 3 months.

Ziv-Av efficient designs turn startups into industry leaders

With 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers in the medical industry, Ziv-Av provides cost-effective products with high market adoption.

ISO13845 certified (QMS for Medical Devices Certification), we are focused on quality and an integrated process to create medical products that are designed, approved, produced, and delivered to market faster.

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