Ziv-Av transforms MAG’s versatile CNC machines for electric operation

About MAG
MAG group is among the leading providers for turnkey manufacturing systems and CNC machines for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. With its renowned brands in the international machine tool industry for the automotive industry, MAG is a global manufacturing specialist.
Ziv-Av design converts hydraulic assemblies to electric

For their popular CNC machines, which contained a lot of hydraulic operated components, MAG turned to Ziv-Av for conversion of those hydraulic assemblies to electric ones. These all-inclusive CNC machines have a built-in complete range of machining tools and can create a ready-to-fit engine block from just a metal slab.

With a long tradition of extensive design solutions, Ziv-Av was able to solve this tough challenge – providing a design exactly meeting MAG’s needs.

Ziv-Av designed environment friendly electromechanical assemblies

With their extensive experience, Ziv-Av’s experts were able to design a modification for MAG. They designed electromechanical assemblies to replace the hydraulic assemblies of the CNC machines. This upgrade can enable the traditional MAG machines to become oil-free and hence safer for the environment.

Ziv-Av provided a solution to convert the machine to electric operated – designing the transformation for MAG.
Ziv-Av specializes in solving tough industry challenges

For over 30 years, Ziv-Av has provided end-to-end solutions for companies in various industries including the automotive, heavy equipment and aviation industries, as well as many more.

Our multidisciplinary engineers help reduce production costs and make products more durable and reliable – all with faster time to market.
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