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About iTero
Since 2007, iTero® has led a revolution in 3D digital dentistry with its intraoral scanner.

With its one-of-a-kind world’s leading orthodontic product, iTero® is increasing the adoption and utilization of its products worldwide.

Ziv-Av creates innovative design for iTero®

iTero’s Intraoral scanners scan the mouths of patients, capturing images to create three-dimensional dental images in minutes and improves patient’s experience.

iTero® tapped on Ziv-Av to create an innovative design for the packaging enclosure and plastic parts of the machine.

Ziv-Av provides design to compliment for iTero®

Ziv-Av engineers were able to create a robust and reliable design for iTero. Ziv-Av was able to create an elegant and robust design for packaging-enclosure of the machine.

Ziv-Av was able to use low-cost yet sturdy plastic materials, achieving a robust product for iTero®.

The design allowed efficient orthodontic treatment as the machine creates a 3D dental image in just minutes.

Ziv-Av empowered the next generation of dental equipment

Ziv-Av engineers created the design of the plastic parts for the innovative digital scanner that optimized the diagnostic system. It provides patients with the digital experience during dental procedures in a noninvasive way with digital dental image displays in real time.

Ziv-Av building future of healthcare

With 30 years of experience and hundreds of satisfied clients in healthcare, Ziv-Av provides cost-effective products with high market adoption.

Having certification according to ISO13845 (Medical Certification), we are focused on quality and an integrated process to create medical products that are approved, manufactured, and delivered to market faster.

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