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I just hung out the shingle on my new CPA firm, and I want to use a strategic partner like Botkeeper to help me scale. So I love that I can white label the platform while having a dedicated team of accountants assigned to my clients.


The round was led by Grand Oaks Capital, an investment firm founded by Paychex founder and chairman Tom Golisano. Golisano will take a seat on Botkeepr’s six-member board of directors. Botkeeper Inc. serves clients who use 12 different apps that connect and integrate with Xero. Botkeeper Inc. works with businesses across a range of industries. They specialise in helping to choose apps that integrate with Xero to boost business performance for some of those industries.

Xero is an advanced bill payment solution for businesses that helps to manage the financial… Pilot is a bookkeeping and tax management software that can be used to streamline the professional…


You can also access a product support specialist with any software questions via live chat. The difference between the two is that QuickBooks Live provides more personalized service, and the communication is also much better with its video conferencing feature. QuickBooks Live is intended to work with business owners, while Botkeeper is designed to work with accountants to reduce manual data entry and analysis through the use of AI. If you’re seeking assistance with your accounting tasks, you may want to look into a virtual bookkeeping service as it can save you time and help to ensure that your books are accurate. Xero is an award-winning online accounting software for small scale businesses.

Botkeeper Company Metrics

With this shift in focus, the company can now funnel those businesses that are raising their hands in need of bookkeeping straight to the Accountants or CPA firms in the Botkeeper ecosystem. Botkeeper’s unique approach to growth enablement and client success brings something completely new to the accounting industry and will help shape the future of the profession. Gain deeper visibility into firm-wide operations on client work. Firms will be able to adopt a sophisticated approach to project management across their clients, keeping their bookkeeping processes working in harmony without the need for multiple third-party integration tools. Workflow improvements and upgraded file structures will ensure that customer data is always consistent and up to date, even as the firm adds more clients, which means you can scale with confidence. Botkeeper’s team of skilled accountants review your data to ensure accuracy, handle complex accounting, and assist with any needs or challenges. It relies on the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate the core bookkeeping processes for all types of businesses.

  • Need help or have a question about your financials, or any of the Botkeeper services or software?
  • Was very easy to do all remotely and not needing to have a bookkeeper in office every week.
  • Companies that use Botkeeper have the capacity to grow from 0 to over 100 employees and save on average 50% when compared to the cost a bookkeeper or accounting firm will charge.
  • Botkeeper has releaesd the Botkeeper Operating System , the latest iteration of its automated bookkeeping platform.
  • Once you enroll with QuickBooks Live, you’ll be assigned a dedicated bookkeeper who will meet with you via one-way video chat.
  • The idea that a bot is doing anything innovative and life changing is not apparent at all.

It’ll also feed data into your accounting software, reconcile your figures, and categorize transactions like expenses, bills, plus invoices. That’s just the first step to assessing all your financials and accounting variables.

Founded in 2015, Botkeeper is an intelligent bookkeeping automation platform powered by human-assisted AI and purpose-built for accounting professionals. Developer of an automated accounting platform designed to solve the bookkeeping challenges experienced by small and mid-sized businesses. After signing up for botkeeper, customers receive a dedicated virtual bookkeeper that provides accounting services. Botkeeper is transforming the accounting industry, bringing the technical innovation that has lagged behind other industries, and creating more opportunity for industry professionals to provide greater value to their clients. Botkeeper’s strategy of growing its network of Accounting Partners and funnelling businesses in need of accounting services to these partners is going to have a significant impact on the productivity and growth of the industry.

So instead of hiring a bookkeeper on your team, you can simply outsource things over to them. No, Botkeeper does not replace the need for a payroll company. What it does is to administer payroll, and refer users to a partner if they do not already have a payroll provider. As a sales leader, David works in parallel with CPA firms of all sizes to understand their challenges and create meaningful AI-powered solutions. He creates and fosters a culture of growth and development for his team, helping individuals reach their full potential. It sends the wrong signal to other technology companies that it’s OK to be shipping US customer data offshore because building real technology is hard.

Human Assisted Automated Accounting

Customer support is one thing you’re bound to enjoy here, asBotkeepercomes with multi-level specialized support to assist you with your accounting, bookkeeping and technical issues. While bookkeeping can be dynamically complex, Botkeeper is seemingly built to be as straightforward as possible. The deployment process itself is as simple as purchasing the software, entering your business information, and voila! The 20 accounting practices with the highest revenue growth in percentage terms in 2021 from Accounting Today’s Top 100 and Regional Leaders list. Cost effective solution vs having to have a full time bookkeeper employed. It’s very easy to contact your “bot” via email if you have questions or changes need made.

Also, if you are collecting sales tax and managing that yourself, along with your year-end reporting for taxes, botkeeper is a lifesaver. You can email or chat with your bot the same way you would a bookkeeper, only better!

Our library of free downloadable content includes white papers, webinars, product guides, case studies, industry analysis and much more, provided by experts and vendors within the accounting industry. By downloading the content, you may be contacted by the provider. We remain hyper-focused on delivering solutions to the accounting profession to improve the client experience. Get a full view of your financial Botkeeper life as a freelancer and prepare easily for tax season. Know how much you’re earning and spending, estimate what you owe in taxes, and save money with a smart, automatic deduction finder. I guess the future of bookkeeping looks bright for AI-driven accounting. Plus, there’s no denying that machine-generated reports are much more accurate and less prone to errors than human-generated books.

Test Drive The Veryfi Experience

Through a combination of humans and technology, Botkeeper will take bookkeeping off of your firm’s plate. Botkeeper offers customers phone support every day between 9 am – 5 pm. Since Veryfi is 100% software you only pay for the use of the software without any hidden fees that come bundled with human in the loop solutions. This keeps costs down especially during COVID-19 and when you scale your operations. We love speaking with Accountants, Bookkeepers and Business Owners on how Veryfi tools can help them automate their Bookkeeping responsibilities to the tax office and gain real-time field intelligence. A question that sometimes pops up is how is Veryfi different to Botkeeper.

  • Botkeeper is a human-assisted artificial intelligence platform that automates bookkeeping, purpose-built for accounting firms.
  • We have reduced the amount of work the volunteer treasurer has to do.
  • The resultant insights come in handy when you need to make critical business decisions.
  • Founded in 2015, Botkeeper is an intelligent bookkeeping automation platform powered by human-assisted AI and purpose-built for accounting professionals.
  • Operating a portfolio of 100+ different blogs and digital commerce lines, Ewen started TheDigitalMerchant as a venue to provide honest assessments of the tools and strategies he and his team use to grow their businesses.
  • Led by CEO and founder Enrico Palmerino, Botkeeper provides an automated bookkeeping solution to accounting firms, using a unique combination of technology and team members.

Botkeeper has releaesd the Botkeeper Operating System , the latest iteration of its automated bookkeeping platform. Then, they’ll prepare your monthly and year-end financials—so you don’t have to. The trick is to take advantage of the report builder since it provides just the right tools for configuring all these insights. It allows you to customize your Botkeeper reports, and consequently have the system focus only on selected data points.

Botkeeper: A Review Of How It Works

Botkeeper provides bookkeeping to businesses using a powerful combination of skilled accountants and automated data entry through the use of machine learning and AI. Our clients receive 24/7 accounting and support as well as incredible insight into their financials with beautiful dashboards and unlimited reporting. The platform easily integrates with a client’s bank accounts, credit cards, HR system, and POS system, and makes appropriate entries and adjustments to their QuickBooks Online accounts, providing businesses with a 24/7 AI-driven Botkeeper. Botkeeper provides automated bookkeeping support to Accounting firms and businesses by using a powerful combination of skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Clients receive 24/7 accounting and support as well as incredible insight into their financials with interactive dashboards and unlimited reporting. Botkeeper’s Accounting Partners are able to grow their book of business and provide high-quality services to their clients, increasing their ability to take on new clients, all while getting spotless financials and reducing overhead.

This has saved a lot of time for botkeeper as well as they do not have to send sub category sheets all the time because it is on the spreadsheet with description of what the check was for. I love how fast they respond to questions and I love the fact that they were willing to share these features with me to make my job easier. The idea that a bot is doing anything innovative and life changing is not apparent at all. It still seems to me that they have a U.S. based CPA overseeing bookkeeping workers employed overseas. Onboarding was tough but not because of botkeeper but because the process of getting someone up to speed about your business is always time consuming. The best thing about Botkeeper’s software is that it is invisible in the sense that it doesn’t dictate how you should use it to collect information that it needs, and so it’s very easy to fit into your workflow.


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Thus far I have been able to drop the Xenbot a note and I would have a ledger in my inbox not but 24-hours later. As a new user, I did a call with their support staff early on to learn more about specific questions I had and use cases. The person I spoke with was pretty helpful and was very responsive to the feedback I had about the ledger from a user perspective. This is making our accounting much more streamlined, less time manually approving payments.

This change gives firms a higher level of assuredness that their clients’ information is only visible to the staff team members who should be seeing it. As an upgrade to its current iteration, the Botkeeper Operating System was designed to automate tasks, resulting in time savings to open up a firm’s capacity- but with a better, faster, and more powerful user experience all around.

AIT News Desk is a trained group of web journalists and reporters who collect news from all over the technology landscape. The technical space includes advanced technologies related to AI, ML, ITops, Cloud Security, Privacy and Security, Cyberthreat intelligence, Space, Big data and Analytics, Blockchain and Crypto. Join our newsletter for the latest accounting trends, ideas, news, and technology delivered directly to your email. The most common users of botkeeper are from Small Businesses (1-50 employees) and the Accounting industry. MarketWatch Picks has highlighted these products and services because we think readers will find them useful; the MarketWatch News staff is not involved in creating this content. Links in this content may result in us earning a commission, but our recommendations are independent of any compensation that we may receive. Veryfi helps you do more business and less accounting by automating the boring parts of accounting (date entry, categorization & reconciliation) with machines, not humans.


With same day response and automated processes, time-consuming tasks are now taken off your plate with a click of a button. Leave the bookkeeping to botkeeper and get back to growing your business and doing the things you love. They continuously improve over time and provide feedback about atypical transaction activities and exceptions to authorized managers and executives.

Botkeeper is a full-suite bookkeeping and pre-accounting solution for accounting firms and their clients that reimagines the highly operational task of bookkeeping, replacing a high-touch process with machine-driven automation. Botkeeper deploys a suite of software products that automatically ingest client data, automate data entry, and enable machine learning algorithms to auto-classify transactions. Botkeeper offers an automated bookkeeping platform for accounting firms and businesses using skilled accountants, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Botkeeper combines artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, with high-quality skilled accountants to deliver a full-suite bookkeeping & pre-accounting solution to Accounting firms, and their clients. You and your client base will receive 24/7 accounting and support as well as incredible insight into financials with beautiful dashboards and unlimited reporting.

It enables accounting businesses to offload the day-to-day blocking and tackling of bookkeeping and focus on higher-level client advising services. Additionally, you can benefit from reduced manpower and overhead expenses, improved reporting and 24/7 real-time data input, and the ability to observe and verify the health of your company’s outcomes.


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